Your Year 2016 Part 2

Determining Your Personal Year 



(If you haven’t taken the time to read Part 1, please do.)


How to Determine Your Personal Year (PY) for 2016 

We all experience nine-year cycles that repeat themselves throughout our lives. During each cycle as we progress through the specific energies and experiences of the individual nine numbers, lessons will be presented. If we continue living a reactive life (passive or aggressive patterns) as we pass through the nine-year cycle, reactive interactions’ increase leading to additional stress at work, with family, and relationships. The more proactive our behaviors and choices, the less stress we experience. (Easier said than done!)


If we do not learn to harmonize with the frequencies of the Cosmos, each future nine-year cycle becomes more intense than the previous cycle. Reactive behavior shortens life; it is the catalyst for all related health issues.


The numeric energy of the Universal Year (UY) directly interacts with the numeric energy of the Personal Year (PY). If the UY number matches a personal challenge number, especially the Achievement Number, and you are still living a reactive life, it can be a difficult year. (Refer to Articles: “Interpretation of Numbers 1 – 9.”)


Generally speaking, 2016 will be a challenging year for everyone, including corporations, businesses, organizations, institutions, and countries. The reason is everyone's Personal Year will match the number of their core issue.


Like water in a tube, many of us will slosh back and forth between the proactive (conscious) and reactive (passive or aggressive) aspects of our PY - at times doing what we love, at other times to be loved or to maintain control. Refer to Articles: “Abandonment Issues Are…” and “Four Phases of Personal Growth” for insights as to why we waiver between reactive and proactive behavior patterns. 


A Personal Year (PY) is found by: 


Adding the month and day of birth together (called the Achievement Number (AN)



Reduce the sum of your month and day of birth to a single digit. For example

            January (a 1 month) + 27 (Day) = 1 + 27 = 28     2 + 8 = 10        1 + 0 = 1     

            The AN is 1.



Add the single digit AN 1 to the current year 2+0+1+6 reduced to a single digit (9.) 

             (2 + 0 + 1 + 6) = 9 UY          1 AN + 9 UY = 10            1 + 0 = 1 Personal Year (PY)

              2016 for a 1 AN is a 1 PY




March (3 month) + 4 (Day) =     3 + 4 = 7 Achievement Number (AN)



Add the 7 AN to the current year 2016, which has also been reduced to a single digit. 

             (2+0+1+6 = 9)    9 UY + 7 AN = 16        1 + 6 = 7 Personal Year (PY)      

              2016 is a 7 Personal Year for a 7 AN



























2016 as a 9 UY is unique. Whatever PY you are experiencing, it will match the single digit of your Achievement Number (AN). What makes this so important is that this is not only the end of a nine-year cycle that began in 2008, a 1 UY, it is also a cosmic review of your life up to this point. The fact that the PY matches the AN indicates that whatever reactive patterns that have not been identified and “worked on” over the past nine years will reappear with increased intensity. One way of another, this PY could be a turning point in your life.  


Interpretations for Personal Years (PY) for 2016

Regardless of your personal year, universally August is a review of the previous year’s energy, September is the final opportunity to maximize the energy of your current year, and October is a preview of the energy of the coming year. 




The first quarter of everyone’s Personal Year has the same numerical energy as the year itself. If you are in a 1 PY the first quarter is a one. If you are in a 6 PY, the energy of the first quarter is also 6. If we can be as proactive as possible during the first quarter of the year, then the rest of the year can be a cruise.



The single digit number representing the last quarter of everyone’s PY is always the same as the challenge for the entire PY. It is much like an examination, to determine how proficient you have become in developing the proactive aspects of the personal year and deleting reactive patterns.



A "One" Year     

New beginnings, making your Self your first priority. 

Your own masculine energy (assertive behavior) is required to initiate your plans. This year sets the tone for the remainder of the 8 years of this cycle. You will begin to feel this energy by late October of your 9 PY. It is an ideal year for starting new projects. Do not expect to start a new personal relationship as all of your energy should be directed toward birthing the project(s) decided upon in your 7 PY (2013). If you are in a relationship, tell your partner that you need to make your Self your first priority and will give them as much of your energy as you can. 


On the first new moon of the year (or in December), “marry” your Self, thus making yourself your first priority. Buy a small piece of jewelry, a crystal, or other object and give it to your Self as a wedding gift. (Everyone should do this not just those in a one year.) Refer to ARTICLES: “Four Phases of Personal Growth”  


The challenge number is 1. This is your Achievement Number. Challenges for the year mainly revolve around a need to do everything your way. This is a control issue associated with abandonment issues and demonstrated through arrogant behavior patterns or the need for preapproval prior to taking action. The other side of the challenge coin may see you overly amenable, no backbone, or self-confidence leading to procrastination or a pattern of reactionary behaviors. 


Read about your Achievement Number at EXERCISES.



A "Two" Year 

Cooperation, Volunteering, Relationships, Partnerships

Keep moving forward with last year’s plans; assistance will present itself. Your own feminine energy (intuition, cooperation, sensitivity) is required for seeking, accepting, or offering help. This is a year when the ego – I, me, my – is placed on a shelf. This is also a year for beginning or ending relationships (social, romantic, business, or with your old Self). You will meet many people that will help you along your path; assistance is all around you (human and celestial.) Since 2 is also the number for partnerships, this is a great year to strengthen your relationship with Spirit by learning to trust that everything is divinely timed. Do not forget to “ask” the universe for what you desire; then have the patience and faith to wait for it to arrive. 


The challenge number is 2. Challenges to be aware of are co-dependency or noncooperation, not trusting your intuition, difficulty letting go of emotional or sentimental attachments, poor communication of your feelings or ideas, and ignoring your relationships. Let go of fear and indecisiveness, be BOLD; listen to your heart. 



A "Three" Year     

Social Activity and Creativity are the main themes. In the 1 year, you initiated plans or ideas. In the 2 year, others were available to assist you to move forward with those plans (including Source, if you asked for help.) The 3 year brings opportunities to “birth” your plans or ideas. This is an ideal time to renew old friendships and form new ones. It is a year of creativity, manifestation, and for expressing yourself socially and/or through art, music, writing, or speaking. Have fun! Bring joy into people's lives. It is a time when the ideas and plans implemented in the 1 PY begin coming to fruition. This is the best year, other than a 1 PY to birth new ideas and projects. 


The challenge number is 3. The challenges are: watch your sarcasm; don’t let feelings of inadequacy or being unforgiving make you do things to be loved or try to maintain control; accept who you are and love your Self. Do not scatter your energy or time doing for others . . . focus on your plans. Don’t close down, be more emotionally intimate, have the courage to speak your truth from your heart. Other challenges involve having good ideas or plans but not paying sufficient attention to the details to make them successful. Or your “grandiosity” takes center stage . . . you talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.



A "Four" Year      

Focus on work; put your shoulder to the wheel and nose to the grindstone. Be practical. You may feel "boxed-in" or "put-upon" or a sense of limitation. Due to the amount of responsibility placed upon you, you will not be able to take a carefree vacation until early August otherwise feelings of guilt may inhibit your pleasure. Use this year to make your dreams/visions (3 PY) into reality. The 4 represents foundations. It is time to concentrate on work and to pay attention to the details. Don’t procrastinate. You cannot depend on others for help, they will not do the job to your satisfaction, and it will take more time to educate them than it would to do the job yourself. By August, responsibilities and obligations will lighten as you move towards your 5 PY. 


The challenge number is 4. Some of your challenges this year involve letting go of the need for control, not being  stubborn because of insecurities, not getting lost in minutiae or details, not being afraid to move forward with your dreams/ideas/visions. Recognize that you cannot control anything; you can only state your “intentions and preferences” and continue moving forward. Life is like a restaurant, order what you want and expect it to arrive! 



A "Five" Year     

A year of change and a second chance for a new beginning. You are halfway through your nine-year cycle. This is a year of freedom, change, and being more physical (at the gym or in the bedroom.) Opportunities for new beginnings will present themselves. You can change your job, indulge the physical senses (within moderation), enjoy a flirtation, or during the fourth quarter, you can begin drawing your twin flame into your sphere. Personal freedom will be at its peak, take advantage of it. Travel will be high on your agenda this year, whether taking many short trips or long journeys. There could be changes every 12 to 18 days or weeks. 


The challenge number is 5. The challenges for this year include paying attention to the details not just the concept, not scattering your energy or dissipating your time by trying to control the affairs of others, and avoiding stubbornness, procrastination, and reactionary behavior patterns. 



A "Six" Year      

A year of service and responsibility. Like a 2 PY, it is also an excellent year for beginning or ending personal relationships or strengthening your relationship with Spirit. Beginning this year and lasting through the 9 PY, learn to put the needs of other's ahead of your own. It is also a good time to deal with real estate in any form --- buying, selling, renting out a property, or fixing one up. Be charitable, tolerant, and forgiving. Emit love . . . do not go to bed angry. 


Water damage could be an issue e.g., a dripping faucet, a window left open allowing rain to come in, too much or too little water for a garden. Also, watch your sweet tooth as the potential for weight gain is present. 


The challenge number is 6. Challenges include not allowing perfectionist tendencies or unrealistic expectation of yourself or others to interfere with creating and manifesting that which you desire, over committing yourself to assisting others as a distraction for avoiding the need to focus on yourself. (Feelings of abandonment could lead you down this path.) Also, avoid situations where you think you need to be in control for someone else’s good, they will not work out the way you expect them. 



A "Seven" Year      

A year of self-analysis as well as learning to surrender. What is decided upon now and developed throughout the 8 PY and 9 PY will determine your spiritual direction and level of conscious satisfaction during the upcoming nine-year cycle. The 7 PY is the time Spirit gives you to figure out who you are, where you are going, and what do you want from the Universe. By September 25 of the 7 PY, you must decide where you want to go, what you want to be, and how you are going to get there. (Make a physical list; you can modify your decisions during the fourth quarter, but for now, it is imperative that you place your order with the Universe in writing.) These requests and intentions will begin being activated in October and gain momentum during your 1 PY. Remember, this list is your order to the Universe; order everything on the menu, don’t limit yourself to an entrée, side dish, and a beverage. 


Challenges for the year mainly revolve around a need to do everything your way, thinking it is the best way. This can be a control issue associated with abandonment issues i.e., “I cannot trust anyone, even Spirit, to be reliable, trustworthy, or supportive.” The other side of the challenge coin reveals a tendency to believe you are not worthy of help. You may feel lonely at times, this feeling can cause you to go out and do something stupid, like drinking at a party and being pulled over for a DWI on the way home. THIS IS A YEAR OF PERSONAL REFLECTION, you are to spend your spare time alone, contemplating your life and life direction. Try to spend time near water (streams, ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans, even a fountain) it will help calm you down and focus. 


The major challenge for the year is to learn to trust in the universe and surrender your agenda’s; realize that you can control nothing. This realization can lead to becoming more patient, trusting, and content. 


Another main challenge associated with the seven is not feeling alone or abandoned and then going out and doing something stupid, like getting drunk  or having random sex and contracting an STD. Use your alone time constructively for self-analysis and growth. Do not wallow in self-pity. 


The challenge number is 7. The major challenges are, not to be apprehensive or concerned with failure or embarrassment; take the initiative . . . you have been waiting three years! Don’t be afraid to ask for help either from others or from Spirit; be more patient (rarely does a project take full form overnight); balancing your intuition and logic. (Use your intuition to “come up” with an idea, use your logic to develop it, and then intuitively test its practicality.) Other challenges involve impatience, being overly analytical, controlling, and anxieties associated with being embarrassed, humiliated, or judged by others to be less intelligent/successful than you perceive yourself to be. 



An "Eight" Year   

This can be a year of financial gain or karmic paybacks. Using the lessons of faith, patience, trust, and surrender learned in your 7PY, this could be a financially successful year. This is a good year to implement business plans, receive a promotion or recognition, make money, or become more self-empowered. This is also a year for dealing with organizations or institutions, contracts, legal proceedings, and the law. (Watch the speed limits on the highways.) 


Business and financial opportunities may present themselves this year, but for them to materialize you will have to learn how to allow them to unfold and not “try” to make them happen. TRUST (last year’s lesson) that everything is unfolding according to the cosmic plan that you helped create. 


If you cooperated in your 2 PY, kept you nose to the grindstone in the 4 PY, and were of service in your 6 PY, then you will be rewarded either materially or financially (or both) this year; if not, this will be a very difficult year . . . one of financial hardships and/or karmic paybacks. 


The challenge number is 8. The challenges are not to become angry or frustrated when things do not go according to your plans/agenda. Try to avoid being too dictatorial or feeling disempowered in your dealings with others. Think twice when contemplating your loyalty. Do not worry about money or finances, have faith that it is coming over the horizon. Watch out for confrontations with others, especially authority figures or superiors. Do not be afraid to “step into your power” to facilitate needed changes. 



A " Nine" Year 

This is a year of endings, letting go of attachments, realizing that trying to control anything is fruitless and frustrating. It is also a good time to travel, especially long distances. This year is the "final exam"; anything of a negative nature that has not been resolved in the previous eight years, will recur. The lesson is about loving your Self without becoming narcissistic. 


Start nothing new that you wish to continue; this is the end of the nine-year cycle. If you feel driven to begin something or make a purchase wait until October to begin, as this is when the energy of the 1 PY begins filtering in. This is an excellent year to end negative associations or dealings with your “spiritual trainers.” (Read ARTICLES “Our Abandonment Issues Are The Catalysts . . . .) Minimize the ego's reactions to losses and emotional disappointments by realizing that you are preparing your Self for new beginnings in your 1 PY and the next nine-year cycle. 


The challenge number is 9. The challenges are being afraid or anxious about releasing emotional attachments, whether they are to people, possessions, or a job. During the first quarter, you may still be wrestling with releasing emotional residue left over from the previous nine-year cycle. This can lead to stubbornness, control issues, or anxiety. Do not over commit yourself because of feelings of guilt or a sense of obligation or as an excuse for not moving on with your life. If an opportunity arises in another location, do not be afraid to leave loved ones. This is a year of change and release preparing you for new beginnings, not of looking over your shoulder to make certain that everyone else is okay. Be more discerning about whom, where, or for how long you are willing to be of assistance to others; ask yourself “am I doing this to be loved, maintain control, or because I love doing it. Set your ground rules up front. Above all, do not become involved with others as an excuse to avoid being responsible for making self-empowering life decisions.  


The most important lesson to learn this year is to consciously and willingly release mental, emotional, and physical attachments in preparation for the beginning of a new life and a new nine-year cycle. With faith, you will realize that whatever you release, is always be replaced by something better. 


To successfully make it through the turmoil of the next 36 months, I quote Shakespeare: 


“To thine own self be true, 

And it must follow, as night the day,

you can not then be false to any one.” 

     Hamlet. Act I. Scene 3 






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