Your Year 2016 Part 1

Your Opportunities for 2016 




I believe everyone has consciously chosen to be here with a self-guarantee for success. This guarantee is composed of numeric patterns mathematically encoded into the letters and numbers of names and birth dates. The decoded guarantee includes built-in mathematical solutions for resolving every life challenge. The goal of these conscious choices was to allow us to overcome the illusion of “cosmic abandonment” and to fulfill our life calling as co-Creators. ( ARTICLES:  “Our Abandonment Issues Are the Catalysts . . .” also read the series of articles entitled “There’s Only Plan A….”)   


Western Numerology, converts letters into numbers and analyzes the “quality” of the number, the energy of the letter, and the patterns they form. It’s a system developed by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. Numerology is the science of interpreting the patterns of numbers and letters as they interact with other frequencies to create our realities. Whether one is a novice or an expert, using the basic alphanumeric formulas of Numerology produces consistently accurate results. 


For example:


Add the digits of a month and day of birth together. 

Reduce any double-digit sums to a single digit. This is the Achievement Number.

This number identifies core issues, potential strengths, and solutions for everything. 

The formula would be written as M + D = AN (Achievement Number). 


Some brief examples of core issues associated with the AN would be:  



1  – Interactions Involving the Self 

2  – Interactions Involving Others 

3  – Interactions Involving Communications and Social Interactions 

4  – Interactions with Control, “Getting It Done” 

5  – Interactions Involving Change and Movement 

6  – Interactions Involving Family, Community, Relationships 

7  – Interactions Involving Trust, Skepticism, and Control 

8  – Interactions Involving Power, Money, Control, or Status 

9  – Interactions Involving Selflessness  or Codependency

0  – Interactions Related to Spirit (trust and faith) 


Numbers represent the vibratory attraction of particles of potential. Potential is the catalyst for creation. Creation leads to harmony. Harmony is the foundation for unity. Within unity, partnerships are established. Partnerships generate new potential and the cycle of co-creation continues. 


We are that potential. 


Our most important partnership is with our Integrated Self. Once we are integrated, there is no more apprehension, self-doubt, anxiety, stress, or self-sabotage, our cosmic abandonment issues and their consequences have dissolved. We have remembered who we are, what gifts we have brought with us, and how we can best share them. (I have developed a five-minute exercise for integrating the soul and ego. Refer to ARTICLES: “Four Phases of Personal Growth.)


What is Cosmic Numerology 

Cosmic Numerology (a branch I have added to the tree of Numerology), is a melding of the sciences of numerology, quantum dynamics, Gematria, and the concept of the life-death cycle. Cosmic Numerology is the study of the patterns and frequencies associated with the numbers and letters that make up our realities. It can identify the behavior patterns of individuals, businesses, or countries. It identifies the challenges and solutions associated with those behavior patterns. Whether it’s a name, illness, disease, address, food, chemical, mineral, color or craving, they all have one thing in common; they symbolize the interrelationships of the energies and events that affect our lives. Numbers and letters represent the codes of creation. Cosmic Numerology decodes the potential patterns generated by both conscious (proactive) and unconscious (reactive) choices. 


Names (including businesses, countries, pets, fictional and cartoon characters) reveal emotional and psychological behavior patterns as well as strengths (proactive choices) and weaknesses (reactive choices.)


Birthdates, including naturalization dates, or a Court approved legal name change (other than for marriage), identify the destiny, life challenges and solutions, mental patterns, and the physical opportunities that will enable us to fulfill our life calling. We also choose specific life challenges as well as provide for their solutions.


None of us would have ever chosen to come here, if we didn’t know beforehand that we have more than enough grace to successfully fulfill our part of the cosmic plan in this lifetime. You may ask, “If I have sufficient grace why has this life been so difficult?” My answer is, even though we have more than enough grace to succeed, we have procrastinated living the life we love for 26,000 years. Instead, we have lived lives to be loved or to maintain control (reactive) and have finally decided with the coming of “The New Age,” to resolve our deepest issues in this lifetime (proactive.) (An age lasts about 26,000, which is the approximate time takes our solar system to make a complete rotation while circling through the Milky Way Galaxy.) 


In numerology, your use, misuse, or non-use of the energies of your personal numbers influences every aspect of your daily life, including your behaviors at work, in relationships, and with family. Personal numbers can also identify potential experiences, giving us the foreknowledge that allows us to make more conscious proactive life choices and fewer reactive choices. (Personal numbers are any number that appears on a personal numerology chart; they include challenge numbers, solution numbers, and all other major numbers related to a name and birthday.) 


*       *       *       *       *      *      *


In this article, I would like to discuss the vibrations of your Personal Year (PY) Number for 2016. The PY cycle lasts nine years with each preceding year setting the tone for the following year. The PY begins on January 1 and lasts until December 31. (Some numerologists count the PY as lasting from birthday to birthday.) 


Throughout each nine-year cycle, we are presented with opportunities to make fewer reactive choices and more proactive choices. Whatever reactive patterns we fail to identify and begin resolving as we pass through a nine-year cycle, recur with more intensity in the following nine-year cycle. Ultimately, failure to resolve these reactive patterns can lead to health issues.


Following is a brief description of the energies and linkage between the individual personal years of the nine-year cycle. The energetic vibrations of the coming year can be felt as early as October of the current personal year.



1   Interactions involving the Ego-Self. 

The energy of the “1” is influenced by how you dealt with your 9 personal year. 



2    Interactions involving others. 

Assistance is available to help you move forward with what started in your 1 year. Provide assistance to others. Cooperate. Develop more faith in others.



3    Interactions Involving Communication, Social Interactions, Feelings of Inadequacy, Focus. 

 With continuing help, this is the time for moving forward with the ideas generated in the 1 year, a year of creativity and manifestation. 



4    Interactions Involving Details and “Getting Things Done”  

A year for making the ideas and actions you have been thinking about and developing in the 3 year, into reality. 



5    Interactions involving Movement, Change, Moderation, Balance

 Time for a break after the hard work of the 4 year; settle down around October for 6 year responsibilities. 



6    Interactions Involving Family, Community, Relationships, Responsibility 

Responsibility and service are the keys to a good year. A break is coming in the form of alone time in your upcoming 7 year. 



7    Interactions Involving Issues of Abandonment, Trust, Skepticism, Control, Patience

Analyze our interactions with others during the 2 and 6 personal years. A year of lessons in surrendering the illusion of control and developing patience. This could be the most difficult year of the nine-year cycle if you have agenda’s.



8    Interactions Involving Power, Money, Control, Status, Recognition

Remembering the lessons of patience and that control is an illusion from your 7 PY, you move forward towards personal empowerment. IF the 2PY, 4PY, and 6PY were more proactive than reactive, then opportunities for recognition and financial gain will present themselves. IF your behaviors were more reactive during those years, then hardship will find you.



9     Interactions of Doing to Be Loved, Maintaining Control, or Doing What You Love

The completion of the 9 year cycle of evolvement and personal growth can be a very emotionally difficult year. 


*       *       *       *       *       *       * 

Before showing you how to determine your current Personal Year (PY) for 2016, let me first say something about the outgoing year 2015, a Universal 8 year (add 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8.)


The energy of a Universal Year (UY) is a hidden influence with the potential to enhance both the proactive and reactive behavior patterns of your current Personal Year ( Articles: “Interpretation of Numbers 1 – 9.”) 



2015 (2+0+1+5 = 8 Universal Year (UY)) 

Melding the frequencies of your personal year (PY) for 2015 with the 8 UY energy of 2015, provided lessons that built on the experiences of 2014, a 7 UY (learning more patience and compassion, letting go of control and unrealistic expectations for yourself and others, modifying your perfectionistic tendencies, assisting others.) 


If we became more proactive in 2014, then 2015 may have brought more opportunities for self-empowerment, recognition, for leadership, possible financial gain but no financial losses, and a sense of accomplishment.


If the same reactive behavior patterns exist as those in 2009, 2011, and 2013, then 2015 could have been a difficult and frustrating year. 


It can also be a time of payback for those (people, businesses, governments, institutions, organizations) that did not “cooperate” in the universal 2 year 2009, build constructively in their 4 universal year 2011, or be of “service” in the 6 universal year 2013. 


On a global basis, the reactive energy of the 8 UY (for those using the Western Calendar) has seen the rise of zealotry, brutality, an impatience for change, fear mongering, stubbornness, the rise of  despots, political gridlock, and martyr’s sacrificing themselves for their cause.


The coming year 2016, as a 9 UY, represents the end of a universal cycle that began with the 2008 global economic crash. There will much more of the same globally in 2016 as there was in 2015, but with greater intensity. 


I stressed the reactive interpretation of the 8 UY, because of global news headlines. 


*    *    *    *    *    *    *

In 2015, as part of the underlying energy of the 8 UY there may have been personal issues with finances, authorities, institutions, organizations, or self-empowerment. You may have gotten frustrated more easily and challenged more quickly. There may have been unforeseen expenses that caused hardship. A proactive response to a difficult year would have increased your sense of self-empowerment.


The energy of a reactive 8 can indicate:

Easily frustrated, quick temper, extravagant/cheap, dictatorial, stubborn, materialistic, demands recognition, mean, a bully, fearful of using personal power, can be disloyal if they feel slighted or ignored, has a fear of success, when money comes, it is always need for higher than expected expenses. May tend to avoid or resent the world of business and commerce, but complain about not having enough money.


The energy of a proactive 8 is:

Initiates/delegates/orchestrates, logical, likes to be in charge, a natural leader, makes it happen, good at politics, business, commerce, or leading institutions or organizations. Walks their talk. Regardless of what they wear, they always look good wearing it. A Proactive 8 also possesses knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.


Some of the reactive aspects of the 8 UY that we just completed may be associated with: 


Fear over: a pandemic, political and or religious persecution

Impatience with those that are supposed to “lead,”

Missed opportunities amongst corporations, political parties, nations, governments, and individuals   to be less controlling and more accepting of disparate views.

An increase in governments becoming more restrictive or controlling

Excessive political correctness 


Some of the proactive aspects if practiced in the 7 UY of 2014, that could have enhanced your 2015 personal year were: 


Being more patient

Practicing tolerance

Letting to go of trying to maintain control

Trusting your gut feelings more

Opportunities to teach or be of service

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

 What Opportunities Does 2016 Present? 


The total of 2 + 0 +1 + 6 = 9. 2016 is a 9 Universal Year (UY). 


The most important thing to realize about a 9 UY is when it is added to your Achievement Number (AN), your Personal Year (PY) number matches your Achievement Number (AN.) Basically, everyone's core issues will surface this year.


Let me translate that. The AN identifies core issues (reactive patterns) and potential strengths (proactive choices.) Refer to EXERCISES: “Achievement Number.” This 9 UY will present potentially reactive encounters resulting from reactive patterns that have not been identified, or if identified not “worked through.” The period of personal time covered, is counted backwards from the current Personal Year (PY) to nine years ago when the same PY was being experienced.  The current Universal Cycle began in 2008. 


When I analyzed the individual numeric sequence of 2016, I see: Let go of emotional and/or sentimental attachments . . . speak up in a timely fashion . . . cooperate with others . . . seek harmony (all 2 actions). The 0 indicates that Spiritual assistance is available if you ask for it. The 1 represents the Self. The positive 1, has reintegrated itself (ego and soul,) knows it is part of a cosmic oneness and moves forward making conscious proactive choices. The 6 represents accepting responsibility and acting responsibly.


The presence of a 9 always indicates lessons revolving around releasing attachments, endings, and selflessness. The Universal background energies for 2016 will provide both proactive as well as reactive choices. Whether it is a “good” year of “bad” year is solely determined by how quickly one develops the courage to make proactive decisions.


Proactive 9 frequencies can be:

Selfless, humanitarian, loves unconditionally, compassionate, a natural actor, loves long distance travel, comfortable with all strata’s of society, works to raise the level of Self-awareness on the planet. Has let go of ego issues and embraced their higher Self.


Reactive 9 frequencies can be:

Egotistical; expects or needs recognition/appreciation/thanks for their “good deeds”; has difficulty letting go; can be fearful of showing any emotion; can be emotionally isolated or codependent; can be an “emotional pin cushion” i.e., holds the emotions and feelings of others like a reservoir holds water (which can lead to back pain.)


A reactive 9 can also be overly sentimental, overly dramatic, overly attached, emotional sponge, lack of concern for others, selfish, controlling, moody, unforgiving, over commits themselves to others and therefore has to pass up personal opportunities.


Globally, this year 2016, as well as the next two years, will provide many opportunities for people, businesses, institutions, and governments to let go of fear based selfishness and begin embracing mutual cooperation by developing Plan A’s that benefit everyone. ( ARTICLES, the series, “There’s Only Plan A, There’s No Plan B.”) 


The energy of a Universal Year (UY) is an underlying influence on the energy of the Personal Year (PY). Following is a brief interpretation of some of the underlying Universal energies for some previous years as well as for the next few years and potential actions: 


2013 -  

was a 6 UY (2+0+1+3= 6.) Worldwide there were issues with water, either too much or too little (2); rising spiritual awareness as a result of hardships or insensitivity (0); a need for leaders to begin social initiatives (1); a focusing of resources along with open communication (3). Under the influence of the 6 UY, real estate will come to the forefront. It is a time for beginning and/or ending relationships involving people, governments, and businesses as well as a time for strengthening your relationship with Spirit 


2014 -

was a 7 UY. The influence of the seven provided opportunities that required faith, patience, and the realization that the only thing we can control is our decisions. The underlying energy was about learning to make more proactive decisions and fewer reactive decisions. A year could have helped us move closer to doing what we love rather than to be loved or try to maintain control. Hopefully, this year was a catalyst for more emotional and spiritual global clarity and collaboration. 


2015 -

is a 8 UY. The presence of an eight always indicates financial issues, legal proceedings, and issues with groups, institutions, and organizations. Globally, there could be serious financial issues and an increase in violence. It can also indicate payback time for those (people, businesses, or governments) that did not “cooperate” in their 2 UY, build constructively or lay foundations in their 4 UY year, or be of “service” in their 6 UY. 


2016 -

is a 9 UY and brings the nine-year global cycle, which began in 2008, to its conclusion. (Ring any bells?) Everything that has occurred since 2008, which for the most part has not been beneficial for the average person, has the potential to repeat itself with more or less intensity. The amount of intensity will be determined by lessons learned and proactively acted upon. This year calls for releasing the residue of old beliefs and behavior patterns so we can begin new Plan A’s. This year will set a global tone for the new nine-year cycle that begins in 2017. The last 1 UY was 2008. 


2017 -

is a 1 UY. The question for this cycle is, Will the world continue following a path of individual, group, or nationalistic agendas, which led to global catastrophic consequences from 2008 through 2016? Or, will it learn that everyone’s Plan A requires cooperation for its success? The actions of this year will set a global tone through 2026.


2018 -

Is a 2 UY. The underlying energy for this year involves interactions with others, compromise, balance, cooperation, and letting go or emotional and or sentimental attachments. The previous 2 UY occurred in 2009, a year where relationships broke down, helping, or cooperating with “others” globally was almost non-existent. The bottom had fallen out of global economic markets; it was “everyone” for themselves. Will 2018 be a repeat with a similar situation? If there are major catastrophes, they might promote the growth of faith, compromise, and cooperation.


*    *    *    *    *    *    * 


The Yearly Universal Solution 

Every number has a challenge and solution. (Refer to, EXERCISES: Challenge and Soulution Chart.) Regardless of what personal year an individual, business, corporation, or nation is experiencing in 2016, the universal yearly solution for those using the Western Calendar is 9. Demonstrating selflessness, humanitarianism, loving unconditionally, compassion for others, more equality for all strata’s of society, initiating projects to raise the level of Self-awareness on the planet, and letting go of ego based abandonment issues and embracing the higher Self or higher ideals.)


The 9 universal solution calls for everyone to let go of fear and anxiety and become more proactive by doing more of what they love and less to be loved or to maintain control.  


The anomaly of a universal solution applying to each year of the nine-year cycle is Source’s way of honoring our free will while offering us a solution for enhancing universal harmony. (Mathematically, if 15% of a group changes their base patterns, it is enough of a change to influence the other 85% to begin making changes.) 


One More Thought . . . 

As explained in my article on abandonment issues, we hire “trainers/employees” to push our buttons until we yell “Enough!” At that point, we realize that doing to be loved or doing to maintain control generates a great deal of stress. When one of these trainers shows up this year, it is vital that you recognize them. The second you feel your heart race, stomach sink, or head pound recognize that this is being caused by your reaction to the negativity directed at you by your trainer. In that moment of recognition, take a mental step to the side and say “Ah, one of my trainers has shown up; let’s see which abandonment button they will try to push today.” If you can step to the side with this recognition, their attack is no longer personal it becomes an opportunity to opt out of previous reactive behavior patterns and opt in to making more proactive decisions . . . start doing more of what you love and less of doing to be loved or to maintain control.


Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill