Your Year 2007

2007 Is A Watershed Year…

Most of us have the desire to know more about ourselves, those around us, and the events that affect our lives. We want to understand the "whys" and "wherefores" of life and how to respond to them. There are many sciences that can tell us something about ourselves and others (e.g., numerology, astrology, palmistry, tarot, and handwriting analysis). Probably the least known of these sciences is numerology.

Numerology, as practiced in the West, is based on a system developed by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. Numerology is the science of interpreting the patterns of numbers and letters their interactions with each other and the world.


Cosmic Numerology, a branch I’ve added to the tree of Numerology, is a melding of the sciences of Numerology and quantum physics with the concepts of reincarnation.


Cosmic Numerology is the study of the patterns and frequencies associated with the numbers and letters that make up our realities. It can identify the behavior patterns of individuals, businesses, or countries. It also identifies the challenges and soulutions associated with those patterns. Whether it’s a name, an illness or disease, an address or foods, chemicals, minerals, colors or cravings, they all have one thing in common; they symbolize the interrelationships of the energies and events that affect our lives. Numbers and letters represent the codes of creation. Cosmic Numerology views these codes as being generated by conscious choice.


I believe that prior to arrival in this dimension and this lifetime, our Soul selects its particular name, time and place of birth, and its birth or adoptive families. The purpose of these choices is to allow us to evolve spiritually while in a physical form. (Refer to the ARTICLES section “Our Abandonment Issues Are The Catalysts For. . . . “)

Cosmic Numerology can bring us consciousness. It gives us a chance to see ourselves objectively, to discover what talents and abilities we possess, the reason for our current existence, what lessons we are here to learn, and what karmic energies we need to resolve.

There is a flow to the passage of time. The flow is composed of many currents, or cycles as we call them in Numerology. Among the more obvious vibrations we simultaneously experience and move through are those that make up our behavior patterns, destiny, soul’s desire, personality, persona, mental state, emotional relationships, and the nine year cycle of personal years which leads to consciousness. ( I define consciousness as becoming aware of the consequences of one's actions. This can occur when the Ego learns to communicate with the Soul. Read the article “What Is Going On.”)

Cosmic Numerology doesn't take years to learn and use. You can quickly learn a few basic facts and formulas that will enable you to understand yourself and others better. (Click ORDERS to order your copy of “Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self.”)


In this article, I would like to discuss the vibrations of the personal year (PY).


The PY cycle lasts nine years with each year of the cycle calling for a specific action or behavior that sets the tone for the following year.  Each action, each year, has its own challenge and soulution (soul chosen solutions).  A personal year begins on January 1, ends December 31, and “peaks” on your birthday. 


Some interesting patterns can be found for each personal year. For example, regardless of what PY you are experiencing this year (a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.), everyone has the same soulution. For 2007, everyone’s soulution is to become as much of a positive 9 as they can be. This means you will be given opportunities or placed in situations, where you will be given the option of doing what you love, not to be loved or to maintain control. This is also the soulution for each Achievement Number (month and day of birth added together and reduced to a single digit.)


What I find fascinating is that regardless of the calendar year or personal year one is experiencing, everyone has the same soulution. This means that if 15% of the world’s population has the courage to make their universal soulutions an actuality, the world’s reality would change for the better. Universal soulutions are progressive, in 2003 it was be a 1; in 2004 it was 3; for 2005 it was 5; for 2006 it was 7. We complete the cycle in 2007 with a 9 universal soulution.


In 2003 everyone had to learn about becoming more self-confident, a positive 1. In 2004 the universal soulution was to become a positive 3, more optimistic and staying focused on Self. In 2005 the soulution was to become a positive 5. Flexibility was the key word for daily living and interactions. In 2006 we were to be positive 7s. Surrender to the will of the Universe—Spirit—GOD was the key to a successful emotional and spiritual year.


A positive 9 can be any or all of the following: patient, intuitive, spiritual, analytically intuitive, psychic, introspective, empathetic, objective, open, vulnerable, a seeker of knowledge, has no stones in its heart.


A positive 9 has also resolved abandonment/separation issues, and has chosen to be in a conscious relationship with Spirit/God/the Universe/the Cosmos. It has learned to “allow” it to happen instead of trying to make it happen.


Regardless of any other numbers in your chart, if you have experienced any of the following, you are becoming a positive 7.


In 2003 a positive 9 began learning to make its Self its first priority. It began reinventing itself. It was learning to “allow” things to happen instead of trying to make them happen. It was learning to trust “the Divine Plan.”


In 2004 a positive 9 was learning to trust what felt right in its heart. Many life altering decisions had to be made without knowing the outcomes, alternatives, or consequences of those decisions. Things had to be released (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually).


In 2005 a positive 9 was learning to demonstrate its trust in the Universe. Some hard emotional experiences were encountered.


In 2006 the positive 9 was learning to walk its talk not just flap its lips.


If lessons have not been learned over the past 4 years, then there is a strong probability of experiencing negative 9 energies throughout 2007. Negative 9s have major control issues; it is easier for them to do (or not do) for others rather than to allow others to do for them. It’s a trust issue. Negative 9s can also be: Egotistical; needing recognition, appreciation, and/or thanks for their “good deeds.” A negative 9 has difficulty letting go of things, people, emotions, ideas, attitudes; they can be fearful of showing any emotion; can be emotionally isolated or codependent; can be an “emotional pin cushion” i.e., holds the emotions and feelings of others like a reservoir holds water.


Positive 9s can be selfless, love unconditionally, compassionate, promote brotherhood, a natural actor, loves long distance travel, comfortable with all strata’s of society, works to raise the level of Self-awareness on the planet. Has let go of ego related issues and embraced their higher Self.



There are two other patterns that apply to everyone:


First. The first three months of every year have the same numbers as those for the entire year. The first three months condenses the energy of the year into the first quarter. Learn the lessons now. Let go of “the Ego’s (the physical Self) wants-needs” and the rest of the year could be easy sailing. Insist on pushing against the universal energy, and there could be stiffness, soreness, possibly some inflammation on the right side of the body.


Think about it, none of us are strong enough to push back against the will of the god force . . . . We just strain ourselves and increase the number of negative particles of energy in our bodies. (This can lead to a potential illness, disease, or physical injury. (See ARTICLES, “Our Abandonment Issues . . . .”)


Secondly, the last quarter of each year is the same number as the number for the yearly challenge. The last quarter is a test to see if you have learned to overcome the challenge you’ve wrestled with all year. (Refer to the ARTICLE section on my website and read, “Chart for Determining Challenges and Soulutions.”)



To find what Personal Year (PY) you are experiencing, add your month and day of birth together then reduce their sum to a single digit.  Add that single digit to the current year (2+0+0+7 =  9). The result represents your PY.



Follow these steps: 

The months of January through September are numbered one through nine.  October (10), November (11), and December (12) are double-digit months.  Add the double digits together to obtain a single digit.  For example, October is the 10th  month, add 1 + 0 = 1. 


Now do the same for the day you were born; reducing double-digits to a single digit.  If you were born November 18th, you would add 1 + 1 = 2 for the month (of November) and 1 + 8 = 9 for the day. 


Your month of November a 2 (11 = 1+1 = 2) and your day of birth, a 9, (1+8 = 9) added together equals 11. By reducing 11 (1+1) to 2, we find the Achievement Number. (AN).  


Add your 2 AN to the current year reduced to a single digit (2+0+0+7 = 9). Next, add the 2 A to the Universal Year of 9. The sum is 11 (reduce it to 2). For everyone with a 2 AN, this is a 2 Personal Year.  





Why I Consider 2007 A Watershed Year


Added together 2+0+0+7 = 9; 9 is the number for completions. Everything we have experienced, in one form or another, since 1999 will recur this year. The experience may last a nano-second or be with us for the entire year. The length of the experience is determined by how quickly we recognize the lesson to be learned from it. Whether these experiences will be positive or negative is our choice. As mentioned earlier, each year brings specific lessons with specific challenges and universal soulutions. This year each of us will have experiences that will bring up our core issues (the Achievement Number). Because this is a 9 Universal Year, an amazing mathematical situation occurs. This situation recurs every 9 years. Whenever a number is added to 9, the sum will always be the same as the number added.





Because of this mathematical anomaly, each of us will be dealing with issues associated with our Achievement Number. This number represents our core issues and impacts every other number in our numerology chart as well as our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual numbers. The soulution for overcoming the challenges and issues associated with our Achievement Number is the same for everyone . . . regardless of their Achievement Number. The universal soulution is to become a positive 9, we must develop the courage to do what we love, not to be loved or to maintain control.


If we’ve been working on ourselves, especially during the last 4 years, this can be a wonderful, joyous, and exciting year. This can be the year “our dreams” begin to manifest and our visions become a reality. We can become an overnight success (after a lifetime of hard work.) On the other hand, if there has been a lack of effort reconciling your agenda with the Universal plan or if you insist on doing it “your way,” this can turn out to be a very intense and frustrating year. As I see it, this will either be an up year or a down year, there is no middle ground.


With a 2 Achievement Number, the United States is in a 20/2 PY (July 4). If at least 15 % of the general population of the country stays with compassion, many of the other 85% will reconsider their position. This year, the US must be more co-operative with others. It must be willing to compromise (create win-win situations), arbitrate, mediate, and let go of emotional and sentimental attachments. If it consciously refuses to follow this pattern (via its leadership) then 2008 will bring a loss of optimism, and a withdrawal from the world scene.


Following is a brief description of each of the nine years.  The first half of the cycle (years 1 - 5) is "yours" to do as you please, the second half of the cycle (years 6 - 9) you must always consider the needs of other's in your decision making.


The solution for the primary challenges encountered this year, regardless of what PY you are in, is to not be afraid of “stepping” into your power by having the courage to “do what you love, not to be loved or to maintain control.”  Many of us are afraid to be or reveal our true Self, fearing that if we do those who know us may then reject us.  This attitude is associated with abandonment issues (read the article on abandonment issues in the ARTICLES section (“Abandonment Issues . . . .


 The first and last quarters of this year are numerical matches with the number for the personal year, i.e., the year itself along with the first and last quarters have the same numeric energy. If you are in a 1 PY, then the first and last quarters will also be a 1. If you are in a 5 PY, then the first and last quarters will also be a 5. This only happens in a 9 universal year.


After the description of each personal year (PY), I given a general interpretation of the positive and negative characteristics applicable to that number.


If 2007 is:


A "One" Year

A year for new beginnings.  Masculine energy (assertive behavior) is required for initiating your plans.  This year sets the tone for the remainder of the cycle.  You will begin to feel this energy by late October of the preceding year.  It is an ideal year for starting new projects.  Do not expect to start a new personal relationship as all of your energy should be directed toward birthing the project decided upon in the 7 PY year. 

Do not expect much help from others; it is time to go it alone.  If there is little outside help available, there will also be little outside hindrance to your plans.  This is not a year to end anything... it is strictly a year of beginnings.   

The challenges associated with a 1 PY are the need to:  have sufficient faith in your Self; have patience --- plant the seeds, they will grow; being overly analytical to the point of mental, emotional or physical paralysis; being too fearful to act.  Things (emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual) not completely released in the nine year will resurface especially during the first quarter of this year.


The primary challenge for 2007 is not to be sidetracked by doing for others as an excuse for not doing for your Self. There is much to be released, especially emotions and painful memories (residue from the 9 PY). The first 3 months of the year are an ideal time for implementing new ideas, projects, life style changes, and to let go of unrealistic expectations for self and others.  Remain focused on your self. Only do for others because if it gives you joy.   Consciously avoid doing for others to be loved or to maintain control.


The main lesson to be learned this year is to learn to believe in your Self . . . to walk your talk.  You've thought about this since your 7 PY --- now do it!  The activities and energy put forth this year will set the tone for the next eight years of your life. If you don’t want the next 9 years to be like the last 9 years, but more intense, then make yourself your first priority.


 1 – (Issues of the Ego–Self)


Self-directed, leader, paradigm buster, innovator, assertive, energetic, balanced, follows internal guidance, an initiator, comfortable with Self.



Passive, aggressive, egocentric, low self-esteem, fearful, a zealot, timid, a bully, arrogant, no sense of self



A "Two" Year

Cooperation.  Feminine energy (intuition /cooperation) is required for seeking, accepting, or offering help.  This is a year when the ego should be put on a shelf.  This is also a year (like a 6 PY) for beginning or ending relationships whether they are with partners, family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors.  It’s also a great year for beginning a relationship with your Self.


You can also expect to see some results from the efforts of the 1 PY.  One could also expect help during the first quarter, if the project begun in the 1 PY has not been totally completed.  You will meet many people that will help you along your path.  Learn to feel and trust your intuition.  Work on your communication skills.  Speak from your heart and in a timely manner.


In a 2 year or 2 month, one tends to accumulate things, a good many of which you won't remember where they came from or how you got them. In a 2 month expect to find an extra pen . . . . Things tend to stick to us when a 2 is around.


The challenges associated with a 2 PY are:  making a conscious effort to "get along with" authority (anyone or anything that has more power than you), watching your temper, attempting to dominate others, being able to compromise, not being available when needed .


The primary challenges for 2007 are not to be afraid to speak up. If speaking up isn’t an issue for you, then put extra padding on the end of the hammer you use to beat people with the truth . . . be more tactful.


The main lesson to learned is balance will be needed in all of your relationships – not to be too sensitive or too insensitive to others.



 2 – (Issues Involving Others)


Sensitive, intuitive, cooperative, a mediator/arbitrator, friendly, communicates in timely fashion, detail oriented, tactful, loyal, organizer, harmonizer


Subservient, shy, overly sentimental, timid, careless about “things,” codependent, does not speak up for self, self-centered, can’t let go emotionally, blunt, insensitive or overly sensitive, has difficulty working with others – not a team player, hides emotions



A "Three" Year

Social activity will be the highlight for the year.  There should not be much stress in your life this year.  This is an ideal time to renew old friendships and form new ones.  It is a year of creativity, manifestation and expressing your Self through art or music.  Go shopping, decorate your home, take a class, have fun!  Bring joy into people's lives.  It is a time when the ideas and plans implemented in the 1 PY come to fruition (especially beginning in the 2nd quarter.).  This is the best year, other than a 1 PY, to birth new ideas. 


The challenges associated with a 3 PY are:  learning to control your emotions, learning to be more compassionate, recognize feelings of inadequacy and overcome them by finishing what you start, and remaining focused (don’t scatter your energy).


Overcome a need to have your ideas, visions, creations or your Self validated by others. Don’t become involved with others as an excuse to avoid making a life altering decision concerning. Don’t over obligate yourself this year.


If person is normally grouchy, they will be less so under the influence of a 3.


The primary challenges for 2007 are: Trouble keeping you word . . . due to the number of promises you’ve made. Don’t become frustrated or angry with those that are not as enthusiastic about your ideas as you are.  Be patient and have faith as your ideas move from the realm of thought and visualization into reality. Maybe you need to be more persuasive in conveying the passion you feel for your new projects. Maybe you need to compromise . . . a bit more.


The main lesson, to be learned this year is to focus your creativity, and make your original ideas a reality, be joyful, express your feelings, be forgiving (especially of your Self). Learn to be more emotionally intimate – don’t be afraid to communicate your thoughts and feelings to others.


3 - (Issues Involving Communication and Social Interactions)


Joyful, witty, artistic, charismatic, charming, creative, intelligent, optimistic, communicator, extrovert, visionary, musician, good sense of humor – likes to laugh



Moody/emotional, unforgiving, scattered, introvert, exaggerates, vain, feelings of inferiority or inadequacy, leaves things unfinished, sarcastic, grandiose plans, jealousy , concerned about be judged, temperamental, ill-tempered



A "Four" Year

A year to focus on work.  A time to put your “nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel;” no more excuses . . . make it so #1! You may feel boxed-in or "put-upon" or a sense of limitation.  The 4 represents the foundation, it is time to concentrate on work, to pay attention to the details.  It is not a time to take a vacation as a sense of guilt may prevail (knowing how much others' are depending on you to get the job done).  You cannot depend on others for help as they will not do the job to your satisfaction and it will take more time to educate them than it would to do the job yourself.  Furthermore, they will seldom complete the job to your level of satisfaction.  To get the most out of this year, accept the limitations and demands of work lovingly and without complaint or resentment.  By August, the vibration will begin to change.  The efforts made at this time will determine the stability of the remaining five years of the cycle. 


A 4 year is a buying/selling time. It is the time to buy a new house (i.e., a rental property, restoration, etc.) but not to move into a new house. Buy land in a 4 year, build in a 6 year. (1 or 6 is moving, 9 maybe moving depending on your motives.)


The challenges associated with a 4 PY are:  procrastination, a judgmental attitude toward those whom you think is not pulling their weight; a sense that "it's not fair" that you have to do all of the work.  From a health standpoint, be aware of growths, difficulties with teeth, and challenges with circulation.  If you quit you job because of boredom or frustration, it's quite possible that your work life for the remainder of the nine year cycle will be unstable.


In a 4 and 5 year, there is a potential for a 10% weight gain. If exercise is used to lose weight, it will lead to increased hunger and more eating. Can only lose weight by physically straining self and doing physical labor.


The primary challenges for 2007 include: Take the time to finish the job…right. Don’t try to construct castles from a few grains of sand; remain practical. Think twice before speaking to avoid being too sarcastic or saying something you’ll regret. Don’t let emotional disappointments keep you from completing your plans. Don’t let feelings of inadequacy lead to procrastination or getting lost in minutiae.


If you maintain your confidence this can be a year of breakthroughs in many areas. . . a time for bringing your dreams and visions into concrete form.


4 - (Issues Involving “Getting It Done”)


Organized, architect, builder, systematic, logical, dependable, practical, manager, ability to totally focus on a task, a logician



Prejudicial, a reactionary, a procrastinator, unimaginative, gets lost in minutiae, stubborn, goes by their “book”, confrontational, dull, hides in logic, can be hateful.




A "Five" Year

This is a year for changes.  Halfway through the nine year cycle, you now have the opportunity to "start again."  You can change your job, travel, indulge the physical senses (within moderation), enjoy a flirtation, seek a change in employment.  Personal freedom will be at its peak, take advantage of it, it will not be hard to find. Travel, whether as short trips or a long journey, will be high on the agenda this year.  Mostly anything started in a 5 PY will not be of a lasting nature if the decision was made in the head and not the heart.  Experiment with new clothing colors or styles.  Do not try to maintain a tight schedule but try to "go with the flow."


In a 4 and 5 year, there is a potential for a 10% weight gain. If exercise is used to lose weight, it will lead to increased hunger and more eating. Can only lose weight by physically straining self and doing physical labor


The challenges associated with a 5 PY are:  a tendency to gain weight due to impulsive eating habits and/or not being able to burn off excess energy; a tendency to drive a little faster than you normally do --- watch out for radar traps; challenges with being too self indulgent; not being flexible enough; being sensually immoderate by not knowing "when to say when," being nervous and high-strung. 


The primary challenges for 2007 are: staying conscious of your behavior patterns. During a 5 year one can: become more impulsive, make hasty decisions, allow boredom to get them into mischief. If you gamble, even if it’s just for fun, do it consciously . . . moderation is the key word.


The main lessons to be learned this year are to practice moderation in all things, to take a chance on the unknown and not fear spontaneity, don't make workday obligations your primary concern, and let go of perceived emotional burdens. Don’t fight or struggle against the forces bringing change into your life. Every change is a new opportunity. You are being given a second chance (1 PY was also new beginnings).


Another important lesson to be learned this year is, don’t let your “solutions” become problems for others, because of a lack of flexibility on your part.


If you have learned to make your Self your first priority, you won’t make decisions based on lust or physical attraction. (Being screwed in more ways than one.) This is a great year for making transitions, don’t let abandonment/separation issues prevent you from moving forward. It will be 5 more years before you’ll be able to focus on your Self again. Take full advantage of your opportunities. 


5 – (Issues Involving Change And Movement)


Flexible, freedom loving, physical, enjoys life, loves innovation and change, curious, can be a moderate, balanced



Rigid, impulsive, self-indulgent, inconsistent, promiscuous, physical excesses, too yielding, unbalanced



A "Six" Year

This is a year of service and responsibilities.  Beginning this year and lasting until the end of this nine year cycle, the obligation is to put the needs of other's ahead of your own.  Like the 2 PY it is also a good year for beginning or ending relationships.  It is also a good time to deal with real estate in any form --- buying, selling, renting out a property or fixing one up.  It is a time to be of service to your family and/or your community. Community could include work relationships.  It is a year to deal with collecting and paying out monies owed.  It is a year for taking care of your health, after the pleasures of the 5 PY.  Be charitable, tolerant, and forgiving.  Emit love . . . do not go to bed angry. 


The challenges associated with a 6 PY are:  water damage (burst pipe, leaky faucet, mold/mildew, insufficient fluids in the car, an open window during a rain), failure to act on the behalf of others, digestive difficulties, weight gain due to an overactive sweet-tooth.  Other challenges include being to "scattered," that is, trying to do for everyone and not having sufficient time for anyone.  Or maybe you make promises that you cannot keep.


The primary challenges for 2007 are: you could easily fall into a pattern of doing for others but only if allowed to do “things” on your terms. If you are not given the power you seek, you may become a non-participant. You don’t want to be blamed for the screw-ups of others; you feel your way is the most logical and can therefore become stubborn.


The main lessons to learn this year are to be flexible not rigid or caught in perfectionist tendencies. Remember the 5 PY and the need for flexibility when dealing with others. Love everyone equally and lovingly offer your assistance to others.


6 – (Issues Involving Family, Community, Relationships)


Responsible, advisor/counselor, protector, nurturer, humanitarian, service oriented, domestic, compassionate, mentor



Perfectionist, a martyr, nosey, overly protective, difficulty making commitments, co-dependent, irresponsible, avoids obligations, commitments, relationships, or responsibility. A giver of unsought advice.



A "Seven" Year

This is a year of self-analysis and for telling the universe what you wish to accomplish in your next 9 year cycle, which begins in 2009.  This can be a year of gaining spiritual clarity. This can also be the hardest year of the 9 year cycle. The entire year will revolve events that will call for you to leap into nothingness and know that you will either sprout wings and fly or a solid path will rise to meet your feet.


Imagine God coming over to you and putting his arm around you. She calls you by name and says, “Listen to me. Look over there; do you see those bountiful fruit trees? All their fruit is yours. It is the most delicious fruit you will ever eat. If you are thirsty, drink from the stream of milk and honey that flows next to you. There are two stipulations for you to enjoy this garden. First, IF IT DOESN’T ROLL WITHIN YOUR GRASP OR FALL INTO YOUR LAP, IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE YOURS, release it. Second, if what you desire does not fall into your lap or roll within your grasp, ask me for it. But remember, I’m running a Universe so be patient and have faith that you have been heard. And trust that however your life unfolds you chose your experiences to help you remember your divinity.”


To me, this is the most important year in the nine year cycle. What is decided upon now and developed throughout the 8 PY and 9 PY, determines the spiritual direction and level of conscious satisfaction for the next nine year cycle.   The 7 PY is the time Spirit gives you to figure out who you are and where you are going.  By September 25th of the 7 PY, you must decide where you want to go, what you want to be, and how you are going to get there.  It’s like being in a restaurant, order what you want and expect it to arrive. This is a Cosmic restaurant so order everything on the menu. You’re ordering for the coming 9 year cycle (beginning in 2009). The 8 and 9 PYs will give you the time to research, practice, and refine your decisions.  The 7 PY causes you to withdraw socially, to feel "tired," to want to be near water (whether it's a bathtub, a stream, the ocean, or a home fountain).  The last quarter of the year will bring powerful and enlightening dreams and visions.   This is not a time to look outward, to feed the ego, to ignore intuitive feelings, or to push your agenda.


Being in a 7 PY, you have an 8 Achievement Number. This is also an 8 Universal Year. Put as simply as possible if you don’t learn to surrender to the will of the Universe, if you don’t learn to allow things to “happen,” if you still try to “make” it happen, you could face some serious health issues this year. The health issues could emanate from the heart/chest area or the brain/head area.


Don’t try to put square pegs in round holes for their own good. This could be coming from a need to be validated for your intelligence. If validated, it is acknowledged that you are wise and therefore need to be kept in the group. (It’s an abandonment/separation issue.)


The challenges associated with a 7 PY are:  anytime you push your agenda, it will cost you --- either in time, money, frustration or physical health. If you spend too much time in the "outside" world, one way or the other Spirit will guide you inward.  If you ignore the gentle guiding, you could be incapacitated in some way either through illness or loss of mobility by July or August (nothing major, could be 3 – 7 days.)  Slow down, pay attention to the details, and build a solid foundation.  Don’t be overly analytical or afraid to be alone.


The main lesson of the 7 PY is to surrender, and practice patience and faith.  Lock this in because in the 8 PY where the pursuit of material success is primary, one tends to forget their spirituality.  This could lead to backsliding.  The other main lessons are letting go of control issues and learning to surrender to the flow of the universe.  It is the ideal time to deal with vulnerability issues.


The primary challenges for 2007 are to overcome any tendencies to be a “doer” i.e., making yourself indispensable by doing for everyone but your Self. Avoid taking on too much responsibility (part of the “doer” thing) you could find yourself feeling like a martyr and frustrated because you can’t make things happen the way you want them to be. Also try to catch yourself if you “cling” to what you have. These are lessons in surrendering. 


7 – (Issues Involving Trust, Skepticism, and Control)


Trusting, spiritual, analytical, psychic, introspective, empathetic, objective, open and vulnerable, a seeker of knowledge, patient, insightful, analytical, can see all sides of an issue


Controlling, fearful, distrustful, impatient, a need to be needed, emotionally closed, mental or emotional paralysis from being overly analytical, totally disconnected emotionally, a zealot, a martyr, messianic feelings, codependent




An "Eight" Year

This year is all about money, finance, power and recognition.  Having developed faith, patience, and self-awareness in your 7 PY, it is time to "strut your stuff."  It will be hard to remember the spiritual lessons of the 7 PY, but those lessons are imperative for your success in the 8 PY.  If you cooperated in your 2 PY, kept you nose to the grindstone in the 4 PY, and were of service in your 6 PY, then you will be rewarded either materially or financially (or both) this year; if not, this will be a very difficult year . . . one of financial hardships, some type of legal proceeding (possibly contractual) or karmic paybacks.


When we are in an 8 year we become much more materialistic than we might usually be. The last half of an 8 year (July – December) is when the larger expense's (bills?) begin to befall us. Seriously consider thinking about buying what you think you are going to need or feel you will need for the remainder of the cycle (i.e., from the 8 through the 9). All of this must be done prior to July 1 of the 8 year. After July 1 sit back and be prepared to make decisions concerning repairing, replacing, or maintaining (for the next 18 months). For the first 6 months one has the option to repair or replace. Once one enters the 9 year, "things" that cost money to replace or repair should be released . . . discarded. NEVER SPEND MONEY TO REPAIR OR REPLACE ANYTHING IN A 9 YEAR...the reason is that "its time was up". One was meant to live without it. If this is ignored, whatever is bought will not last!!! THE PURCHASE WILL BE VERY MUCH REGRETTED!!!!!!!!!!!!


The first six months of the 8 PY are especially good for initiating plans and projects.  Buy nothing new after July 1 as the cycle is coming to a close.  Have it repaired. New purchases should be delayed until the beginning of the new nine year cycle (18 months away).


In an 8 year, one will be a witness to physical violence in some way. One will be attracted to it . . . even the news stories one is attracted to will be about some type of violence. (This can also apply to countries in an 8 PY.


The challenges associated with an 8 PY are:  anger directed at authority (whether at home, at work, or on the road), impulsive and inflexible behavior, failure to carry through on your plans, overspending, faulty logic, and having grandiose ideas but not taking the time to thoroughly prepare and organize for their success.


The primary challenge for 2007 is to face and overcome any fears or feelings of unworthiness associated with success and abundance. This is a tough one, because your Achievement Number is an 8 your PY is 8 as are the first and fourth quarters of 2007.


The main lessons to learn this year are to remember the spirituality, patience, and faith of the 7 PY; and that your success is in direct proportion to your preparedness mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


8 - (Issues Involving Power, Money, Control, or Status)


Initiates/delegates/orchestrates, logical, likes to be in charge, a leader, makes it happen, good at politics or business and commerce or leading institutions or organizations. Walks their talk. Regardless of what they wear, they always look go wearing it. A positive 8 also possesses knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.



Easily frustrated, temper, extravagant/cheap, dictatorial, stubborn, materialistic, demands recognition, mean, a bully, fearful of using personal power, can be disloyal if they feel slighted or ignored.



A " Nine" Year  

This is a year of endings and of letting go of the past.  This is also a time of travel, especially over long distances.  This year is the "final exam."  All that you have learned and experienced throughout the previous 8 years will resurface in some form, as a test of your level of consciousness. (By the way, there is no “graduation” we just move to another level of awareness and begin learning more. Each level is harder to reach but easier to embrace. Each 9 year cycle brings us closer to consciously recognizing and remembering our Divine Self.


Start nothing new that you wish to continue.  This is an excellent year to end associations or dealings with those that are getting you down.  This could be a disastrous year to change employment.  Sometime during the year you will be called upon to sacrifice, usually to lose something (a job, a favorite possession, a relationship).  Minimize the ego's reactions to losses and letting go emotionally, by realizing that you are preparing your Self for the new beginnings of the 1 PY.  If you don't willingly "let go" it could lead to major emotional pain or financial ruin.  If you have not learned consciousness from your experiences during the previous eight years, you will find yourself back at the point you were at nine years previous.


HEALTH: portends problems with or susceptibility to contagious disease...but not always. The possibility exists that a weaken immune system (psychological stress) enhances the opportunity for contacting a communicable disease.


The challenges associated with a 9 PY are not accepting responsibility for your choices (whether they were occupational or relational); not having learned to recognize the cause of your emotional reactions, there could be major uncontrolled outbursts of emotional energy (especially in January).  There may also be a sense of feeling disconnected from daily life. 

We all tend to exaggerate at times, but in a 9 year we may go to excess.


The primary challenges for 2007 are: don’t avoid doing for yourself by doing for others first. When you feel frustrated or angry know that it’s the result of your control issues or need for recognition and appreciation.


There’s another challenge, deciding whether or not you are willing to “pay” the tuition required to take the next level of courses. The price is always the same and is also a test of faith. The price is, giving up/releasing/sacrificing what you love the most; it could be the love of your life, a job, a family, an idea, a possession, even friends. The test is: do you believe that by following what feels right in your soul, something even better than what you released will appear in your life?


The main lessons to learn this year is to keep focused on the plan developed in the 7 PY.  Be impersonal as far as your emotions are concerned . . . let go, let God.  Prepare for the next cycle by consciously remembering and practicing the lessons learned over the past 8 years. You will be assisted in this by encountering situations that will test your awareness of your abandonment/separation issues.


9 – (Issues Involving Selflessness)


Selfless, loves unconditionally, compassionate, brotherhood, a natural actor, loves long distance travel, comfortable with all strata’s of society, works to raise the level of Self-awareness on the planet. Has let go of ego issues and embraced the higher Self.



Egotistical; needs recognition/appreciation/thanks for their “good deeds;” has difficulty letting go; can be fearful of showing any emotion; can be emotionally isolated or codependent; can be an “emotional pin cushion” i.e., holds the emotions and feelings of others like a reservoir holds water.




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I wish you God speed on your journey of Self discovery.


Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill