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I use two different techniques to answer questions. 






For questions related to a category (e.g., love, family, relationships, work, finances, current state of affairs) I use a three digit technique. You pick a category, or one of your own, and then write down the first three single digits that pop into your head. Do not think about the three numbers in your head, it must be instantaneous or the answer cannot be accurate. The reason being, once you begin thinking about what numbers to pick, you mind automatically begins to rationalize, intellectualize, and justify an answer. By allowing the numbers to pop to the surface and writing them down, you are recording unfiltered feelings, emotions, and actions that can give a clearer picture of what is unfolding in your life at this moment and what pro-active decisions need to be made.



1 QUESTION $25.00

2 QUESTIONS $45.00

3 QUESTIONS $65.00

4 QUESTIONS $90.00



USING GEMATRIA (Ancient Cabalistic Art)



Gematria is an ancient Cabalistic art originally performed using the Hebrew language and numerology system. Words, passages, situations, dreams, questions, interactions, trends, etc., were converted into strings of numbers and interpreted. Modifying it and using both the English language and the Pythagorian system of numerology, I provide answers to your query.



1 QUESTION $75.00

2 QUESTIONS $150.00

3 QUESTIONS $250.00

4 QUESTIONS $350.00



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Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill