Analysis of Your 9 Numeric Daisy Chains:

A basic numerical analysis ($300) must be completed prior to ordering this analysis.



Each personality is composed of nine aspects; each aspect is composed of both reactive and pro-active behavior patterns. 



Numeric daisy chains are similar to flower chains. In a flower daisy chain, flowers are linked together until they complete a circle with last flower linking to the first flower. The numeric daisy chains I’ve created reveal the types of experiences that can be catalysts for changing non-productive and stress producing behavior patterns. The first number of the numeric daisy chain is determined by selecting any of your challenge numbers (Achievement Number, Life Challenges, Karmic Lessons) or the numbers that represent a personal health issue. The chain then follows a challenge/soulution sequence until the initial number selected reappears as the final soulution number. A visual example of a numeric daisy chain revealing the reactive and proactive behavior patterns associated with the single digit four of the forty-six numerical total for Breast (20/2) Cancer (26/8) = 20+26 = 46/10/1, and a month and day of birth that reduces to six (6 Achievement Number) is described in the following paragraphs.







Oversensitivity to the needs of others (2) leads to a need to be in control (4) which brings frustration and loss of personal empowerment (8), impatience, fear of not being good enough or disappointing others or concerns related to abandonment issues (7) which leads to extremes of rigidity or flexibility (5) to please others resulting in lowering of self-esteem (1).


Interpretation of proactive 4 behavior patterns (Full size numbers):

Creating a solid personal foundation (4) that is flexible (5) is directly related to how much of the “big picture” can been comprehended (7) in relation to allowing/encouraging others to take more personal responsibility for their actions and choices (2). If you develop the courage to do what you love (1), self-empowerment, recognition, and success (8) are the results. To accomplish this you need to use the power, wisdom, and knowledge gained through life times to organize, orchestrate, and delegate to others (8). This makes you the architect of your life and the lives of those around you (4). There is a huge difference between being an architect that designs, plans, and delegates to others to carry them out, and the martyr that attempts to do everything themselves . . . hoping to be appreciated for their efforts/sacrifices.


The numerical chains give us the necessary insights to turn our life choices from reactive to proactive. To benefit from the knowledge that the chains provide, we must overcome our abandonment anxieties and develop the courage to do what we love, not to be loved or to maintain control. It’s very hard to break life-long patterns, even harder to recognize them.


Numeric daisy chains can identify the cause and effect relationships between behavior patterns, life choices, illnesses, diseases, and physical injuries. Like an X-Ray machine, numerical daisy chains can reveal hidden behavioral influences beneath the surface of our outer-selves.


The daisy chain reveals hidden aspects that are important to understanding who you are and why you behave or react the way you do.


Standard Interpretation $2300 (Two to Three sessions totaling 3 to 5 Hours)


An interpretation of the 16 interrelationships between the numbers in your chart and your reactive and proactive patterns.


Enhanced Interpretation $7000 (Three to Five Sessions totaling 5 to 8 hours)


Added on to the standard interpretation is an in depth analysis of the repetitive patterns of the six 13 digit chains, two 5 digit chains, and one 3 digit chain. Found within these chains are hidden horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns. This analysis can identify your two most repetitive patterns. Identifying and resolving these patterns can automatically resolve all reactive behavior patterns. 



Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill