Health Analysis:

A basic numerological analysis (see above) is required to first identify who you are, why you are here, and what you are supposed to do along with an examination of up to four health issues with their numeric daisy chains. (Numeric Daisy Chains reveal the reactive behavior patterns that were their catalysts along with the pro-active behavior patterns that provide soulutions.



This analysis reveals the relationship between life-long reactive behavior patterns, and a specific, illness, disease, or physical injury. Whether you or someone you know has Fibromyalgia, MS, Cancer, Arthritis, an Auto0Immune Disorder, Back Problems, a Torn Rotator Cuff, Sprained ankle, or additions, this analysis helps you better understand those behaviors that become the catalysts of your health issues. These behaviors reflect a need to be loved or to maintain control. By using a proprietary mathematical matrix, it illuminates the soulutions you have already provided for you health issues.



Listed below are some examples of the relationship between behavior patterns and health issues:



Addictions 44/8 In this instance the 44/8 indicates a tendency towards confrontation, procrastination and issues over who’s in control (44). There is a pattern of failing to accept personal responsibility or to step into their personal power (8).



Alcoholic 42/6 An alcoholic has issues revolving around sensitivity and interpersonal communications (2). Also present are issues related to abandonment, control (4), and unrealistic expectations of Self and others (6). 



Allergies 43/7 Deals with feelings of confidence (3), control (4) and vulnerability (7). Feelings or emotions that we can’t/don’t communicate, find their way to the surface via the weakest link in the physical body.



Auto (12/3) Immune (30/3) Disorder (47/2) = 89/17/8 The only numbers not included in this disease are 5 and 6. This implies the way back is to be more flexible (physically, mentally, and emotionally all 5 stuff) and to take personal responsibility for ones actions as well as to become more involved in service to community (whether it’s through family, work, or community . . . all 6 stuff) 



Back (8) Problems (37/1) = 45/9 Back problems are caused by being rigid (5) and controlling (4) and taking on but not releasing other’s woe. A need to be loved (9) is also an underlying cause. The word problems is a 37/1 and indicates that problems are caused by a need for control (7) due to feelings of inadequacy (3) and a bit of a messianic personality (7). All of this combines to create situations where one becomes an emotional pincushion (9) for others.


Alzheimer’s 53/8 Disease 26/8 = 79/16/7 First and foremost this is a disease about learning to “let go”. The prevalence of 7’s (codependency issues i.e., needing to be needed) and 8’s (power and control issues i.e., doing for others grudgingly or being non-receptive to help, in any form. Overall, there is a strong need to control their environments. A second consideration as to the cause of Alzheimer’s is the need for retaliation. This group has allowed themselves to be controlled by those in their environment . . . especially a partner. This can be a passive way of “making” others do for them.


Blood (21/3) Pressure (40/4) = 61/7 Blood (3) deals with the process of initiation (1) and cooperation (2) which lead to creation (3). It carries our life giving nutrients throughout our bodies. Notice that the words high and low both reduce to a 5 and that both high blood pressure and low blood pressure reduce to a 3. The negative interpretation for number 5 indicates some form of excess behavior; one is either too rigid (Type A) or too flexible (Type Z)


Breast (20/2) Cancer (26/8) = 46/1 An over sensitivity (2) to the needs of others (6) combined with a perception of needing to be the foundation others can rely on (4), causes a suppression of the Self (1) for the sake of a relationship or family (6). What is interesting is that it occurs more often in women than in men and is located near the heart. Breast cancer is a result of suppressed feelings and emotions related to not being acknowledged for who you are and what you do . . . .


Diabetes 29/11/2 The issue is hypersensitivity (2) to the feelings and emotions (9) of others (2) at the expense of Self (1). The hypersensitivity is linked with the number 11. As the first of the master numbers (11,22,33,etc.), it is also the most frustrating. It allows one to see the “way it ought to be” but does not provide the power or opportunities to allow them to make it so. As a result, self esteem suffers and the individual may either cease communicating their feelings or become aggressive in communicating them (e.g., beating people over the head with a steel bar of truth. There is also the issue of not being understood by partners, parents, family, and the world at large. The sweetness (30) of life cannot be tasted.


Fibromyalgia 64/1 (See chronic fatigue.) A need or the perception that they need to maintain control (4) (of/for social unit) with a touch of martyrdom (6) due to unrealistic expectations (6) . . . all caused by self-esteem issues (1). What’s interesting is that one of the tests for Fibromyalgia is to touch 18 points on the body to see if there is pain or discomfort associated with the touching. If 11 of these points respond with pain a diagnosis can be made. The number 18 reduces to a 9 which represents emotions and the need to either be loved, recognized, or appreciated or the need to maintain emotional control of relationships. The number 11, the first of the master numbers (11, 22, 33, etc.), can also bring frustration into a life because of “knowing the way it ought to be” but being unable to make it that way the individual absorbs the blame. (Blame transposes to a 6.)


Heart Burn 44/8 (also – acid (17/8) reflux (32/5)) = 49/13/4

Rising from the area of the 3rd charka, the underlying

issue is about personal power (8) and how to express it to

others (3 & 2). Situations arise that call for these

individuals to make decisions about their daily lives (44)

and the direction it’s going in (5). Heartburn is anger held

back and/or frustration (8) not expressed (3) to others (2).

Or the anger and frustration spew (19/1) forth in a tirade



Hives 27/9 (See Allergy.)

Hives are a manifestation of trying to control or suppress emotions (9) involving others (2). There is an anxiety about revealing true feelings which may result in being abandoned or rejected (7) by others. The emotions or feelings that have been suppressed become so strong, they push their way to the surface. Each red spot is a raw emotion that hasn’t been expressed.


Laryngitis 53/8 The voice becomes rigid (5), feelings of inadequacy and a need for acceptance are involved (3); the triggers are associated with issues involving anger, frustration, personal power, money, status, and recognition (8).


Lupus 17/8 or Lupus (17/8) Erythematosus (54/9) = 71/8 Self esteem issues (1) coupled with anxieties (7) about stepping into or using their personal power (8) are the catalysts that initiate lupus. Because of the presence of anxiety (7) the individual tries to control (4) their physical environment (5) by either doing to be loved to maintain control of relationships (9). The amount of energy exerted to maintain this state, exhausts both the etheric and physical bodies causing a system wide breakdown.



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Cosmic Numerology

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