A Basic Numerology Analysis:

This analysis reveals your life's blueprint, what you "signed" on to be in this lifetime. Its contents include:



- Analysis of your first name (work behaviors), middle name (relationship patterns), and surname (family dynamics) and your reactive and pro-active behavior patterns

- Vowel Total: What your soul longs to be/do

- Consonant Total: Your personality patterns

- Name Total: The face you present to the world

- Your core issue (month/day of birth) which can become your greatest strength

- Karmic lessons and soulutions

- Analysis of behavior batters in nine areas:

1. Leadership

2. Friendships

3. Creativity

4. Work

5. Physical World

6. Intimate Relationships

7. Relationships with Spirit/God

8. Attitudes Towards Finances, Personal Empowerment, Status

9. Service to Humanity



- Destiny

- Life Calling

- Life Challenges and their Soulutions

- Personal Sub-Cycles ( Three Lifetime Mental Phases with Challenges and Soulutions)

- Pinnacles (Four periods of Opportunities with Challenges and Soulutions)

- An Overview of the current year and each quarter with Challenges and Soulutions

- Two to three numeric daisy chains (analysis of two life challenges identifying reactive behavior patterns along with their pro-active soulutions.

- You can ask three questions on anything pertaining to your life ( for example, dreams, interactions, patterns, relationships, finances, family, health, work. )



$300 90+ minutes Digitally recorded and burned to a CD.


Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill