Numerology for Decoding Behavior

Michael Brill, a Cosmic Numerologist since 1985, has worked with schools, businesses, and government, including ten years with the aerospace industry and two years with NASA. The author of Numerology for Healing and Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self, he lives in Hollywood, Florida. He can be contacted via phone 561.866.5479 or email


You do not need to know anything about numerology to use this book; all you need is the ability to do simple addition and subtraction and then look up the predefined answers.


Numbers and letters are the blueprints of our lives. By studying the patterns they create – whether it’s a name, an address, or a date – we can learn more about ourselves, others, and how to best interact with those around us. 


Providing simple numeric exercises that use only the first vowel and first consonant of a person’s name and their birth month and day, Michael Brill shows how to identify anyone’s reactive and proactive behavior patterns--along with their underlying causes--to prevent and resolve interpersonal issues as well as recognize and change our own negative personal tendencies. Combining numerology with psychology, he explains the connection between the first name and behavior at work, the middle name and social-emotional patterns in relationships, and the last name and family dynamics. Illustrating how this information can be applied by managers, educators, health professionals, sales people, and parents, he reveals how to find anyone’s personal challenges and greatest strengths through their Achievement Number as well as how to use this number for a more accurate understanding of an individual’s behavior patterns. Offering extensive examples, interpretations, and exercises, he reveals how recognizing these facets of our behavior is the first step to working through our negative patterns and effecting personal transformation.


Numerology for Decoding Behavior -

Uses Cosmic Numerology to reveal reactive behavior patterns enabling the reader to work through them.


- Shows how to find anyone’s personal challenges and greatest strengths 

- Presents simple numeric exercises that use the first vowel and first consonant of a name and the birth month and day 

- Exercises for determining whether someone takes a mental, emotional, physical, or intuitive approach to life

- Reveals how this method of numerology can be applied by managers, educators, health professionals, sales people, and parents  

Praise for Numerology for Decoding Behavior


“Michael Brill has a great talent for bridging allied worlds of symbolism.” 

Lynn Andrews, author of Writing Spirit and the Medicine Woman series


As the Director of International Sales with 25 years of experience, I find Decoding Behavior with Numerology to be an excellent and easy tool that enables my team to better understand how to approach the decision maker to close the sale. Brill provides simple formulas and interpretations for identifying and understanding why people behave the way they do; this is vital information for successful sales. 

Jeanette Rhodes, Raleigh, North Carolina.


As a social worker involved with adolescents I need to establish a level of trust and rapport with my clients in less than two minutes or they become disengaged. Using the formulas in Michael book allows me to offer penetrating insights before they can say "I don't need your help." I highly recommend this book to anyone that works with children or adults. 

Damon Laemmle, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill