Your Destiny Number

Your Destiny number reveals what you are destined to achieve in this life time. Fulfilling your destiny is not a given; it can not be fulfilled unless you make a conscious effort to fulfill it. This effort will require you to have the courage to do what love . . . not to be loved or to maintain control. (Refer to the article about abandonment issues on my website.)


Your Destiny number is decoded by adding together your month, day, and year of birth. There are two basic methods for doing this. One technique is to add the numbers representing the month, day and year of birth horizontally. If the total is a double-digit number, add the digits together to determine the single digit of the Destiny.


For example a birthday of 02/28/2003 could be written as: 2+2+8+1+9+4+5 = 31 = 3 + 1 = 4


The second method, my preference, is to place the numbers in vertical columns to determine the sum.

For example:


I prefer this method because it reveals both Master Numbers and Karmic Numbers. These are very important numbers and will be the subject for a future article.


Interpreting Your Destiny Number


1 – You are the initiator, the leader, the paradigm buster. You may like to work alone. You like to explore the unknown and share the results with others. You would enjoy being a: inventor, designer, editor, director or manager, promoter, salesperson, business owner engineer.


2 – You are the arbitrator, mediator, harmonizer. You have the gift of being able to get others to work together. You have a good voice. Don’t be afraid to use your intuition to assist you in making decisions. You would enjoy being a: musician, diplomat, civil servant, helper, psychologist, office worker, singer or dancer psychic or medium, or any job that involved being of service.


3 – You can be the visionary, communicator, or artist. You need assignments that call for creative solutions. You don’t like doing paperwork. You would enjoy being a: fiction writer, lecturer, designer, humorist, artist, salesman, promoter, photographer, teacher, coach, philosopher, playground director, any job that required imagination.


4 – Good at establishing order, system, and structure. You can be very logical. You could be stubborn and want to “run the show . You would enjoy being a: architect or planner of projects, anything involving building trades, technical writer, banker, clerk, office worker, watch repairer, waitress, manufacturer of well‑made items, skilled laborer, proofreader, engineer, farmer, gardener or landscaper brill


5 – You need constant change or you’ll get bored. You learn best by doing, not by reading, and you are a hands on person. You may only be concerned with concepts and not pay attention to details. 5’s can be very social. You would enjoy being a: Salesman of anything, lawyer, inventor, detective, promoter, tour guide, navigator, geographer, photographer, personnel director, explorer, critic, stage manager or director, any career in communications, graphologist, interpreter, import-export dealer, civic leader -‑ even a wanderer!


6 – You like to be of service, a counselor, an adviser in any capacity. You can be a perfectionist. You may take on too much responsibility (to the point of becoming a martyr.) You may want to “advise” but not assume responsibility for the outcome. You make a good confidant. You would enjoy being a: Doctor or nurse, teacher, welfare worker, personnel director, hotel manager, governess, cosmetician, social director, housekeeper, librarian, spiritual advisor, chef, publisher, costume designer, song writer, decorator, divorce attorney.


7 – You can be very analytical and intense. Learn to trust your intuition. You like to solve problems. You like to work alone. You may not be very social (it depends on your other numbers.) You may feel a “need-to-do” for others. You can be passive/aggressive toward authority if your inputs are rejected. You are good with figures. You would enjoy being a: Librarian, judge, writer, preacher, psychoanalyst, scientist, appraiser, antique dealer, accountant or auditor, historian, teacher, lawyer, occultist, doctor, technical expert, engineer, author, psychic investigator, any sort of research work. 7’s dislike manual labor and do best in an atmosphere of refinement and culture.


8 – You have a desire to initiate, orchestrate, and delegate. You can be very logical. You could abuse your power and become dictatorial. You have a natural sense for the form, fit, and function of things. You like being responsible for organizing, orchestrating, and completing big projects. You are a natural as a manager or leader. You can be very business oriented. You would enjoy being a: banker, manufacturer, buyer, paymaster, cashier, business analyst, accountant, military officer, broker, compiler, headmaster of a school, executive, engineer, statistician, critic, corporate or tax lawyer, coach, office manager, purchasing agent, contractor, insurance agent, consultant, promoter, judge, financier, public official, financial adviser, merchant, architect, chemist.


9 – You either get along with everyone or no one. You loves (or are attracted to) the drama and emotional intensity of daily living. You are a natural actor/actress. You love long distance travel. You can be compassionate and Self-less in service to others or very egocentric. You may become overburdened by accepting or seeking more responsibility than you can comfortably handle. You would make an excellent healer. You would enjoy being a: artist, entertainer, composer, conductor, writer, teacher, doctor, lecturer, publisher, ranger, beautician, decorator/designer, freight dispatcher, receptionist, navigator, social worker, preacher, healer, illustrator, astronomer, resort owner, publicist, promoter, aviator, salesman of decorative items, judge, reformer, adviser, lighting engineer, reporter, lawyer, correspondent, humorist, explorer, magician.


Some of the career categories are from Kathleen Roquemore’s It's All In Your Numbers. For more information on Destiny Numbers, see: Carol Adrienne’s, The Numerology Kit, Ellen Dodge’s, Numerology Has Your Number, or Juno Jordan’s Numerology, The Romance in Your Name (excellent book)



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By: Michael Brill