A Technique For Always Making The Correct Decision


Practice this exercise while sitting in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed.


This technique will work regardless of the type of decision you need to make, whether it is:

- which of three motels to stay in while on vacation

- which job offer to accept

- to stay in or leave a marriage, a relationship, a job, or an organization, etc.

- to buy or sell or rent something

- to physically move, whether it’s next door, across town or out of town.


The first step is to clearly formulate the question in your head.


After you are clear about what you want to ask, close your eyes.


With your eyes closed, take several deep breaths and allow your entire body to relax (become a soft noodle).


Visualize the stress or tension in your body flowing out through the soles of your feet.


Once you feel completely relaxed, refocus on the question in your head until it is very clear. Then envelop the question with your mind (much like a cloud envelops a mountain top).


Holding the question in your consciousness, physically move it down from your head toward your heart.


You should sense an answer to your question, whether it’s a yes, a no, or a sensation in your body. If the feeling doesn’t come immediately, let go of the question. The reason is, if you don’t “feel it” the Ego will jump in with a rationalization, justification, or intellectualization and give you an answer based on fear. Relax for awhile and then try again.


Try the technique right now. Sit down, close your eyes, take a deep breath or two, and allow your Self to relax. Here is the question: Should I go out today and buy a $250,000 Rolls Royce? Did you feel your heart’s response? Here is another practice decision. Should I go out and buy a 40 pound turkey, clean it, stuff it, and prepare it along with side dishes then invite my friends over at midnight for dinner? Did you feel the response this time? It may take a bit of practice as most of us are not accustomed to listening to our heart’s messages.


Practice feeling this “feeling” by asking your Self a series questions that you already know the answers to, whether they be yes or no. For example, your name, age, sex, race, address, favorite food.


You can also practice whenever you are in a parking lot at a mall or the grocery store. When looking for a parking space and you come to the end of a row of parked cars, stop for a moment and close your eyes; then ask, “should I turn left or right to find a parking space.” Learn to listen to what you feel.


Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill