Using Cosmic Numerology to Interpret First Name Attributes


The first name represents how we behave in our everyday life, our “work world” as well as our attempts to balance our working environment. Using the positive energy associated with your first name will enable you to more fully become your Soul self (total vowels of whole name). 


The first vowel of the first name also helps identify probable health issues or behavior patterns that may arise due to the stress of dealing with our life challenges. (Further identification of health issues is dealt with in Part III of my book “Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self”.)


Using the chart below, determine the numerical total of your first name. For example, if your first name is Katherine, the K represents 2, the A is 1, the T is 2 etc. When you are finished, add all of the numbers then reduce them to a single digit. 


One or more of the following characteristics may apply.




Likes to be the initiator, the leader. May like to work alone. Can be a “yes” person. May be dictatorial or arrogant (both patterns mask low self-esteem). Possible occupations: writing, designing, stage, medicine, music, explorer, planner, explorer.





Seeks cooperation, partnership, mediation. Can be a team player. May have a tendency to get lost in the details. May have communication issues: may not speak up or may be very blunt. Possible occupations: speaker, politician, diplomat, organizer, companion, civil servant, landscaper, producer, spiritual leader.




Needs harmonious and pleasant working environment (visual as well as physical). Not very confrontational. Can be scattered. Can be very sociable. Can have a sense of the rhythm of life. Loves music. Needs assignments that call for creative solutions. Does not care for paperwork. Work area needs to be physically pleasant (pastel colors and surrounded by personal objects). Possible occupations: story teller, entertainer, linguist, handler of animals, sales, anything involving creativity or innovation, comedian.




Wants order, system, and structure. May go by the “book.” May get lost in the minutiae. Is logical and may want to be the “boss.” Could be somewhat stubborn and a tad confrontational. Can be an excellent “worker bee.” Could be a bully. Possible occupations: architect, anything in the building trades, banking, engineer, gardener/landscaper, technical writer, executive.




Needs constant change or gets bored. Learns best by doing, not by reading, is a hands on person. May only be concerned with concepts and not pay attention to details. Doesn’t like paperwork. Would do well in sales or outdoor work. Possible occupations: inventor, tour guide, promoter, navigator, import-export, human resource dept., explorer




Likes to serve, counsel, and advise in any capacity. Can be a perfectionist. May take on too much responsibility or want to “advise” but not assume responsibility. A confidant for others. Possible occupations: service oriented jobs . . . real estate, medicine, teaching, cooking, repair, acting, cleaning, counseling, cooking (especially sweets).




Very analytical and intense. Can be highly intuitive. Likes to solve problems. Likes to work alone. Is not very social. May feel a “need-to-do” for others. Can be passive/aggressive toward authority if their inputs are rejected. Authority figures must earn their respect. Concerned about making mistakes, as they believe it would reflect on their integrity. Impatient. Good with figures. Wants to share their knowledge. Would enjoy learning, teaching, instructing, or analyzing. Possible occupations: spiritual leader, photography, researcher, analyst, medicine, investment counselor.




Likes to initiate, orchestrate, and delegate. Can be very logical. Wants to manage. Could be dictatorial. Has a natural sense for the form, fit, and function of things. May become frustrated if they are not recognized for their “abilities.” Likes being responsible for organizing, orchestrating, completing big projects. Natural leadership abilities. Business oriented. Can make it happen!” Needs to learn to delegate more to others. Possible occupations: banker, accountant, corporate or tax lawyer, financier, consultant, executive, coach.




Can easily get along with everyone or none at all. Loves (or is attracted to) the drama and emotional intensity of daily living. Can be actors/actresses. Enjoys long distance travel. Can be compassionate and Self-less in service to others or very egocentric. May become overburdened by accepting or seeking more responsibility than they can comfortably handle. Would make excellent healers. Could have a natural affinity for the electrical or electronic. Possible occupations: artist, entertainer, healer, magician, explorer, public relations, park ranger, social work.





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Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill