The Achievement Number IsThe Most Important Number In Your Numerology Chart


I believe the Achievement Number (your month and day of birth reduced to a single digit) is the most important number in our recipe of numbers. It flavors every other number in the recipe. This number represents the prime challenge of your life. It is the hub of your numerological wheel from which all other numbers radiate like spokes on a wheel. It determines your negative behavior tendencies in relation to your prime numbers (the number totals for your name, as well as providing the soulution to those negative behaviors. It is the key number for determining right action. Once you become aware of and resolve this challenge, it becomes your greatest strength.


Until you become aware of and resolve the issues associated with your achievement number, its negative aspects will rule your life. If for example your Achievement number is a 3, you must learn to overcome feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, inferiority, and tendencies toward scatteredness, exaggeration, gossiping, and grandiosity by becoming proficient at something.. Whether it’s flipping pancakes or performing brain surgery, if you feel/know that you are the best at what you do, then the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity will dissolve and never return.


It is at this point that the achievement number rotates from negative to positive and becomes your greatest


How does one rid themselves of feelings of inadequacy? Take this little quiz to find out: first, it there anything else in the Universe that has your exact molecular structure; the same exact number of strands of body hair, the same marks on the skin, the same size fingernails? The answer is no. That makes you unique. Being unique means there is nothing else like you. Therefore, whatever you are doing – scrambling eggs, performing brain surgery, or brushing your teeth -- if you are doing the best you can from moment to moment, then you ARE the best in the Universe at what you are doing. Own this concept, it will change your life.


Every challenge has a soulution. What’s most interesting about the “soulution” to the Achievement Number is that regardless of which number is represented from 1 – 9, everyone’s soulution is to become a positive 9. to always do what you love, not to be loved or to maintain control, and to act and think for the highest good of all. The soulution of 9 indicates that we must overcome the fears associated with the aspect of our Self associated with the Ego (Easing GOD Out). To do this, the Ego needs to reconnect with its higher Self thereby overcoming the fear that it is alone, unloved, abandoned, and that its existence here is a punishment for some unknown action it can’t remember. None of this is true. Our Soul never forgets its connection with the god energy and that it consciously volunteered to be a co-creator with that energy.




To determine your Achievement Number, add your month and day of birth together as shown below. If your m/d of birth equals 11, 13, 14, 16, 19, 22, or 33 leave them as double digit numbers


February 28 would be 2+28 = 30 3+0 = 3 Your Achievement Number is 3.

December 11 would be 12+11 = 23 2+3 = 5 Your Achievement Number is 5.

June 5 would be 6+5 = 11 = 1+1 = 2 Your Achievement Number is 11/2.

May 8 would be 5+8 = 1+3= 4 Your Achievement Number is 13/4.

April 29 would be 4+29= 33 = 3+3=6 Your Achievement Number is 33/6.


Interpretations of the Achievement Numbers

The following interpretations encompass both extremes of universally demonstrated behavior patterns: control issues involving doing for or not doing for others and co-dependency issues about doing to be loved. These patterns can be modified by developing the courage and faith to live your divineness. When we accept our origins as being part of the ever expanding potentialities of creation and remember we are one of many and many in one, our Achievement Number becomes our greatest strength. All challenges and karma dissolve and we live our life calling (total of m/d/y added to the numerical total of the letters in a name.)



* * * * * *


Interpretations of The Achievement Numbers 1 – 9, Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 and The Karmic Numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19


The following interpretations of the achievement numbers encompass both extremes of behavior patterns i.e., too much or too little of some aspect of the Self. It is our core issue. When we learn to do what we love instead of “doing” to be love or to maintain control, the achievement number becomes our greatest strength. It is rare for someone to display all of the negative aspects associated with a number.


Unless you are satisfied with just reading the number interpretations from the book, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking the time to learn the subtleties’ of the positive and negative interpretations of the numbers one through nine. Numbers are a language that can provide answers to all of your questions. Learning any new language takes time and practice. Be kind and patient with yourself.


There is a “Challenge and Soulution chart at ARTICLES that identifies the challenges and solutions associated with each achievement number. When you look at the chart, imagine the challenge number as representing reactive behavior patterns and the solution number representing conscious proactive choices. The pattern for reactive behavior patterns originates with our abandonment issues.


Achievement Number 1

Low self-esteem is the main issue; sometimes it may appear as arrogance or bullying, rather than timidity. These individuals must learn to stand on their own and not let other's define their identity or make their decisions. They will encounter situations that will test their courage and faith.


Some individuals with a one achievement number may be confrontational towards authority, others may be withdrawn.


The positive one is centered, confident, innovative, a paradigm shifter, leader, explorer.


Achievement Number 2

The key word for anyone with a two achievement number is balance. Not speaking up in a timely fashion, being overly sensitive or insensitive, being too timid or too blunt, anxieties over commitment, shyness, and codependency are the main issues. These individuals need to learn not to base their identity on how others perceive them. A negative two also needs to learn to let go of “things” (there is a tendency to hold on for sentimental or emotional reasons), pay more attention to details, and practice tact, cooperation, and getting along with feminine energy (anyone, male or female, coming from their heart instead of their head). Speaking up in a timely manner can also be an issue. If speaking up is not an issue; then put a little padding on the end of your hammer of truth. Learn to compromise. Compromise should always result in a win-win situation.


In some women, and possibly men, this inability to speak up or to express their Self may be one cause of curvature of the spine. The trapped emotions begin to pull and tug at the spine causing it to bend or twist. It may also be an underlying cause of stiff/sore necks, upper back pain, upper respiratory problems, sore throats, or thyroid problems.


Those with this achievement number can have poor posture, if they have a habit of drooping their arms and legs over chairs or other objects while talking on the telephone or watching television. Two’s that have difficulty interacting with others can become couch potatoes.


The positive two has learned to: speak up in a timely fashion; be a harmonizer, mediator, arbitrator, and delegator (has learned “You cannot do it all yourself.”)


Achievement Number 3

Overcoming a lack of emotional intimacy, feelings of insecurity, inferiority, inadequacy, or scatteredness are the main issues. Sarcasm may also be an issue. These individuals can dazzle people with their creativity, charm, charisma, and intelligence but they rarely finish what they start because they don’t want to be judged. The solution is to master something, anything, and to finish what is started. It doesn’t matter if it’s flipping pancakes, riding a bike, being a homemaker, a mechanic or a brain surgeon. To overcome those feeling of inadequacy, you need to feel and believe that you are the best at what you do. Learn to communicate either orally or in writing, and watch your sarcasm. Be more forgiving of your Self and others. By the way, if you were given a dime each time someone told you “what great potential you have,” you could be retired!


These individuals may have trouble keeping their word, due to the number of promises they have made. There is a tendency to over obligate themselves.


Solution: We are all unique; therefore there is no one else exactly like us on the planet. If whatever we do, we do to the best of our ability from moment to moment, doesn’t that make us the best in the world at what we do!? Also, instead of working on eight different projects, cut it back to two or three.


Achievement Number 4

Control is a major issue for this achievement number as is procrastination. A negative four could also be a workaholic. These individuals like order, system, and structure. At the extreme, they would carry a red pen to correct the grammar or spelling on commercial signs. Don’t be overly logical and get stuck in the minutiae or going “by the book” (your book). There could be confrontations with authority as they feel they should be “the boss.” The main issue is to build a solid foundation, not to take short cuts, procrastinate, be judgmental, stubborn, prejudicial, or get lost in minutiae. A negative four can also be a reactionary, someone that fights change. Their motto is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The reason they fight change is that it challenges their belief systems and if they let go of that belief system, they will have no anchor.


Fours can be major procrastinators, influenced by a lack of attention to details and or influenced by their need for control.


Positive four’s are architects, builders, planners, organizers; they are people that get things done. They have a natural affinity for form, fit, and function … they know how to put things together.


Achievement Number 5

This number represents a desire for freedom, the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, any time you want, anywhere you want, for as long as you want. Even though 5’s want this freedom of choice they usually don’t have the courage to pursue that freedom. Or their behavior patterns can reflect overindulgence, scatteredness, a tendency to lose interest quickly, or to get a concept but not focus on the details. In life and as drivers they could somewhat reckless and like speed. Any major decisions impulsively made seldom work to their benefit.


Individuals with a five achievement number can expect changes to occur in their lives every 12 to 18 months. Those with this achievement number must learn to accept the transitory nature of life; one day even Mt. Everest, six miles of solid rock, will be nothing but grains of sand on the beaches of an unnamed ocean. At times these individuals can be overly flexible in trying to satisfy others, at other times they are so rigid and inflexible they need to have someone put liniment on their backs, so that they can get out of bed. With these individuals, there will always be a go slow/go fast, too little/too much quality involving the physical plane, until both internal and external balance is achieved.


Learn moderation of the senses and balance. Learn to be moderate in all actions (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual), to be in the moment, and to accept change as inevitable. Their level of flexibility is directly linked to their level of self-confidence.


Don’t deny your desire for freedom. Five achievement numbers must develop skills that will allow them to be who they want, go where they want, and do what they want. They can become either adventurers seeking out life or philanders running from life


Achievement Number 6

Whether you are male or female, you like to be the “mother hen” yet don’t always want the responsibility unless you are given the authority to make decisions for everyone, because you don’t want to take the heat for someone else’s screw up. At the other end of the spectrum is a pattern of irresponsibility. Learn to accept responsibility, first for your Self, and then responsibly be of service to family and community. Don’t be an emotional buffer for others. This includes easing back from unrealistic expectations and perfectionist tendencies for self and/or others. Health issues may involve the stomach and intestinal areas and be caused by being either too emotionally involved or holding on to emotions and not releasing them.


Negative sixes have a tendency to try to do too much, for too many, with too little and then see themselves as a failure. An example would be at a meeting they ask if someone will prepare the refreshments and you volunteer. There are 24 people in the room but only enough refreshments for 10. Rather than call attention to this fact, feeling more is expected of them, the negative six will try to work something out. The problem is there just is not enough for everyone. This can make the 6 achievement number feel they should have done more or tried harder. The opposite of this pattern also applies …a total avoidance of responsibility.


As a result of unrealistic expectations and perfectionist tendencies, many school age children appear to make little or no attempt at mastering their academic subjects. I believe the reason is they would rather be called lazy than stupid, their expectations prevent them from making an attempt.


Be a mentor not a martyr. Mentors do not “give” advice they ask questions in a neutral tone of voice that lead the other party towards insight or a revelation.


Achievement Number 7

Abandonment issues are a primary factor in the way this achievement number interacts with others. Patience is a huge issue they have very little if any and are usually in a hurry. The opposite is also true they may get bogged down over analyzing minutiae because of their need to avoid the embarrassment of not knowing. Even though a 7 achievement number is usually reserved, at times they can be outrageous. Their outrageousness is actually a maneuver that allows them to size up the situation and plan their next move.


Sevens need to know ... they will asked lots of questions. What they cannot learn from questioning, they will attempt to find out by "hook or crook," e.g., going through pockets and dresser drawers. Persons whose names begin with "G-P‑Y" don't want to leave anything unturned...they pry by whatever means is necessary.


There are major concerns about making a mistake, being embarrassed, humiliated, or having people think they are not as good as they know they are. This is one reason they can be perceived as being somewhat aloof. Overcome the need to be needed or validated for your wisdom, intelligence, compassion, insights, or usefulness; it’s part of the seven’s abandonment issues. Stop trying to be the teacher or healer by offering unsought advice or telling others what you think they need to do (thinking your advice will help them avoid pain and suffering). It only creates frustration for you when they don’t listen, and feeds into your sense of being different, isolated, or ignored. Above all else you must learn faith and patience, and that the Universe unfolds according to a Cosmic Plan, not yours. You must learn to subjugate your personal desires (based on abandonment issues) and allow the Universe to unfold before you (replace your agenda’s with preferences.) Stop being overly analytical and trust your intuition more. Also, never engage in purposeless activity – doing something just because you are bored or lonely – will lead to negative consequences. Emotionally, seven’s find it very hard to open up and be vulnerable; it’s much easier for them to give than receive.


For any given situation, seven achievement numbers always have five plans, four backups, three crisis, two emergency plans, and a worst case scenario. Then at the last second, they ignore their logical planning and make an impulsive decision that causes them to become agitated with themselves for not listening to their intuition. Another issue with 7 achievement numbers is a tendency to believe, “if some help is good, more is better.” For example, if someone asks them for a drink of water, they’ll reach behind their back and pick up a six inch fire hose, put it in the person’s mouth, and blow their head off. They are so concerned about not fulfilling someone’s needs or requests and then being blamed for others failures or unpreparedness, they always give too much. Negative seven’s also have difficulty taking “no” for an answer. Ask twice if you can be of service, if the answer is no, let it go. A seven can be clumsy when they are not consciously present.


When a seven visits a doctor, and is vague in describing their problem, they will probably leave the doctor doubting the veracity of the diagnosis. Insufficient verbalization on the part of the seven is the problem.


Invariably a seven will find their self in a position where they are humiliated by what they do not know. This can anger them if they discover that someone knew something and had not shared it with the seven.


The positive seven has learned that they have not been abandoned, that control is an illusion, that all things come to those with patience, that they are not the messiah and it is not their job to save anyone. Most importantly, they have learned to strengthen their relationship with the god energy.


Achievement Number 8

These individuals can spend money like a drunken sailor or squeeze a dollar so hard, tears come to George’s eyes. Money is a major issue for this achievement number.


They can have a fear of success or be driven to achieve it regardless of the personal costs. They can become frustrated if they feel they are not being given the recognition they deserve which may lead to disloyalty on their part. There could be issues with authority as these individuals feel they should be in charge. They must prove their superiority not demand it, by using their innate wisdom, knowledge, and expertise to demonstrate their leadership abilities. Some eights try to do it all themselves as they feel others are unreliable or not trustworthy. They need to develop true humanitarian feelings, not just those of an opportunist and to not depend solely on their logic but to learn to trust their intuition as well. Individuals with this achievement number can be arrogant or a bully.


With an 8 achievement number, there is always the possibility of violence in speech, action, or manner. If the eight is not the perpetrator, they could be on the receiving end. Eights can have a very short fuse.


Women that have an 8 achievement and avoid empowering themselves increase the probability of developing heath issues in their pelvic area. (Refer to Numerology for Healing, Destiny Books 2009.)


A positive eight is a leader not a manager. They have the ability and bearing to organize, orchestrate, and delegate to others. How should a positive eight feel? Do you remember the rush of energy after completing a complex project? Or getting dressed up and while looking at yourself in the mirror say “Damn, I’m hot! Or bursting with pride and joy having made one of your visions a reality? Those are the feelings of a positive eight.


Achievement Number 9

With nine as an achievement number, these individuals have chosen to take a final exam on being human. When nine is your achievement number, in addition to the challenge of nine itself (learning to do what you love, not to be loved or to maintain control), there are challenges associated with each of the previous eight challenges: (issues involving the ego-self, others, communication and focus, overcoming procrastination and/or control issues, learning to be flexible, balancing responsibility, overcoming impatience and abandonment issues, not being afraid to step into your power, and learning to do what you love, not to be loved or to maintain control. If a person with a 9 achievement number has low back pain it could indicate a co-dependent pattern. If there is no back pain, it could indicate a need to be in control.


There are three potential behavior blends for a 9 achievement number. In no specific order: Having resolved their abandonment illusion and developed the courage to do what they love, they have chosen to proactively live their life calling.


- Someone that thrives on the drama of life. They are natural actors that can fake emotions. They have a need to control others based on the perception that they are responsible for everyone’s success or survival. These are people that will pour out their hearts to anyone that will listen.


- This group has codependency issues. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for them to release emotional attachments whether they be memories, possessions, relationships, or feelings. This group can suffer from low back pain, which is manifested by carrying everyone on their backs and internalizing the pain and suffering of others. This same behavior pattern could be responsible for stiff necks and back pain between the shoulder blades.


- Nines are here to learn to deal with their emotions; become more compassionate; use their life experiences to help heal others; let go of their past and embrace the future; to be of service with no thought of recognition, appreciation, or thanks; do for others because it gives you joy; and to learn to "be in the world but not attached to it." To be a more positive nine, practice giving unconditional love starting with your Self. 



Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill