Numbers: The Energy Of Words


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Is there something going on in your life that you don’t understand like: who am I, why am I here, why is this happening? Are you looking for life’s answers? Are you experiencing emotional turmoil, health issues, or spiritual confusion? Is your life unfolding differently than the way you thought it would? Do you feel trapped? Are your responses to life are more reactive (doing to be loved or maintaining control) than proactive? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, its time to ask yourself: “Am I happy with my life? Do I want to change the way I want to interact with the world? How can I change my behavior patterns? All the answers and “soulutions” are already in place and encoded in the letters and numbers that compose a name. The science of Numerology decodes these patterns.
Cosmic Numerology, a branch of numerology I have been developing since 1985, focuses on the emotional and psychological behavior patterns decoded from the letters and numbers of a name. One way to begin changing your life patterns is through the study of numerology.
Building on Pythagoras’ belief that “through numbers, things repeat themselves until their patterns change,” I’ve developed a branch of numerology I call Cosmic Numerology. Cosmic Numerology reveals to you the challenges and soulutions your soul chose for this lifetime. It shows you how to change your patterns and can prove to you that you would not have chosen this life if you didn’t know in advance that you have more than enough grace to succeed in this lifetime.


Cosmic Numerology is a melding of basic mathematics, the sciences of numerology (Pathagorean) and quantum dynamics along with the concepts of Gematria and reincarnation.


  • Classical numerology looks at the patterns formed by letters and numbers and connects the "dots" of your life.
  • Quantum Dynamics creates potentials. (Religion and Spirituality call it “Free Will.”
  • Gematria converts the energy of words into numeric qualities.
  • Reincarnation (or if you prefer, reconstitution) is generated by conscious choices.

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In this article, I will demonstrate how Gematria, an ancient Kabalistic art, can be used to interpret the energy of the words in our lives. The words we speak, when converted into numbers, can reveal our preconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Used together, Gematria and Quantum Numbers are tools that allow us to live proactive lives.
I use Gematria to analyze the frequency of occurrence of the numbers 1 through 9 within a length of text. For example, the numeric total of the letters in the previous sentence is 428/14/5 (4+2+8=14, 1+4=5, thus 428/14/5.) Analyzing the numeric energy of 428/14/5 provides an interpretation for the overall energy of the sentence.
Let me demonstrate this technique by interpreting the following sentences using gematria and numerology: I love you. I hate you. If you loved me, you would…. What do I need to do…?
The following chart shows the numeric equivalent for each letter of the alphabet















I love you. = 43/7  

 Are they saying it because they are capable of being emotionally intimate (3), have a solid relationship (4) with themselves and Spirit, and have resolved their abandonment issues (7); or are they saying it because of feelings of codependency, inadequacy (3), a need for security (4) and anxieties about being abandoned (7)? (See ARTICLES.)


I hate you. = 41/5

Their (1) perception of reality has been challenged; they want control (4) and cannot have it, so they become rigid (5).


Hate numerically transposes to 16/7, a karmic number indicating a strong need for control, validation, and love (All associated with abandonment issues.) These individuals may try to force square pegs into round holes. They need things done their way. They also need to be needed or to be in control.


The positive 41/5, would never say, “I hate you.” The positive 1 is confident, centered, and is self-assured. Through self-development, they have established a life plan (4) and can accept the fact that everything changes (5). They have learned to be in the moment.


If you loved me, you would ________. = 99/18/9

The three 9’s indicate a need to be in control. They don’t always believe they are worthy of love and constantly make others prove their love to them. The negative 8 can be passive-aggressive or aggressively-passive and demanding, due to a lack of confidence.


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Many questions, whether from individuals or society, seek positive solutions. If you can read the language of numbers, the solutions you seek are right before your eyes. To change your negative behavior patterns, you must first recognize that they are the cause of your reactive life choices. The next step is to ask either yourself or Spirit, “What do I need to do ….”


What do I need to do…. 72/9

The 72/9 tells us the first step is to establish a partnership (2) with Spirit by letting go of emotional and sentimental attachments (2), fears of abandonment (7), and to develop the courage to do what we love, not to be loved, or to maintain control (9).


“Easier said than done” (81/9), you might say. True, but if you empower (8) yourself (1) by marching to your own drum, you automatically set in motion what you need to do (9).


To achieve happiness (87/15/6) have the courage to use the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise gained over many lifetimes (8), to choose your path through the forest of abandonment (7). Make yourself your first priority (1); develop the confidence and flexibility to be in the moment (5); take responsibility for yourself (6).


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Many are called, few are chosen, and fewer still, choose.” (197/17/8). Regardless of which you choose, beginnings or endings, you (1) must accept the impermanence of all things (9); let go of abandonment issues (7), move forward (1) knowing you are a co-creator (7); and be the leader (8) of your life.


To choose the path of self-discovery can be very scary (207/9). You have to release codependent patterns (2), feelings of inadequacy and abandonment (7), and trust there is a cosmic plan and it always unfolds for your highest good (9).


So, what do you need to do – love your self (4); build you’re life’s foundation on bricks, not sticks or straw; follow the life blueprint your soul drew up in consultation with Spirit; and remember, that you have not been abandoned by the Universe but are in partnership with it.


As an exercise, write out what you are feeling or searching for and then convert it into numbers. For assistance in interpreting the meaning of the numbers 1 – 9, you may want to visit my website and read the article by the same name.




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Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill