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Are You Emotionally Attached To An Outcome?


I’ve been seeing an excellent chiropractor for almost four months. But none of the adjustments or treatments are holding or working. At times, the pain has been excruciating.


Sometimes, I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I finally asked Spirit for help in getting to the spiritual issues that were the catalysts for my physical issues. Spirit said “duhh! You wrote a book on Cosmic Numerology, why don’t you read it!?”


I had left side sciatica, left side inflammation of the groin muscle, and both legs had major tenderness in the left and right adductor and abductor muscles, L5 lumbar wasn’t holding, and my right leg was consistently a quarter inch shorter than my left leg. (I had to place a ‘heal’ pad in my right shoe to balance myself.)


I looked up left side sciatica and it is caused by a feeling of needing to take on more responsibility even though it isn’t wanted. In my day job as a high school special education teacher, I’m overwhelmed by the class size, trying to meet individual needs and keeping up with the paperwork required to maintain up to date files on each child’s academic progress and educational needs. I got so frustrated I turned in my resignation and am being guided to move to Santa Fe. I’m 61; this is the 7th time in 10 years I’ll be starting my life over from ground zero. I’ve experienced both magical adventures and heart breaking moments. I’ve felt totally abandoned and totally loved. So, if I know I’m protected and will always succeed if I follow my inner guidance . . . my heart; why am I nervous and uncertain about my future? Hmmm, must be that abandonment issue (www.awakener.com, Articles) “Hey god, you watchin’ me? Are you paying attention? It’s my turn next, please don’t blink. I only need a second of your time to explain my life plan. I know it will work if you’ll just listen….”


How and why these emotions and feelings manifested themselves in my body, was revealed to me through Cosmic Numerology and conversations with the GOD energy. First, I was given a vision of digging my right heel into the ground as I was being pushed from behind. I saw I was resisting the nudges of the Universe. With my right heel dug in, trying to slow down the change process because of my lack of faith, I over torqued my hips causing stress to my groin muscle. (Numerologically, groin muscle is a 55, a master number (with master challenges.) indicating it’s time for new ways of thinking and doing that can have a global impact.) Adductor muscles (numerologically a 6) and the abductor muscles (a 4) assist in movement related to expansion and contraction. Apparently, my emotions and anxiety had tipped the scales towards a severe contraction. I wasn’t moving forward (6+4=10) because I didn’t own the belief that everything is always perfect when orchestrated by Spirit. The numbers for the groin muscle say the same (5+5=10). In the lower lumbar region, L5 transposes to the number 8. The number 8 can be associated with money issues, self-empowerment, recognition of accomplishments, even a fear of success. It’s not holding because I’m worried about what I’ll do for a living, where I’ll live, will people be willing to listen to what I have to say, will I make enough doing what I love to live comfortably? Spirit concluded our communication by telling me to stretch. At first I didn’t get it. (I told you I was a little slow sometimes.) And then it dawned on me like a double duhh! I needed to physically stretch my body and spiritually stretch my faith into new areas. And, I needed to stretch to fill the space I was going to occupy in Santa Fe.


So what does any of this have to do with you?

How’s your health; any chronic or acute health issues? How’s your body, any aches or pains? How’s your mind, any prominent fears or anxieties? Do you suffer from constipation or insomnia? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are emotionally attached to an outcome and are having difficulty letting go of what you believe that outcome should be or don’t believe what it could be. In my case the emotional outcome I was attached to was “it hasn’t worked before, why would it work this time?” and “I’m getting a little too old for these no guarantee of success beginnings.” I had made myself so stiff in my lower torso that it was hard to bend, almost impossible to jump, and I walked with a waddle. I was so stiff that it was difficult for me to hike my beloved canyons without having to come home and soak in an Epsom salt bath.

What’s the soulution? A triple duhh!!! . . let go, release, relax, surrender, learn to allow, and trust 100% that Spirit knows a heck-of-a-lot more than we do. Let go of control and allow the abundance of the Universe to flow to you and from you. Our Self-doubts are the challenges we’ve chosen for this life. Our soulutions, consciously chosen by our souls, are our doorways to the next level of evolution; a level of living a physical life with a divine point of view.


So let it go, and it will flow.



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Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill