Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself

Discovering the Soulutions to Your Life Challenges

by Michael Brill

Ny definition of Quantum Numbers (aka Cosmic Numerology) is a melding of basic mathematics, the science of numerology, quantum dynamics, and the concepts of Gematria and reincarnation. Quantum Numbers is the study of the patterns associated with the numbers and letters that make up our realities. Whether it’s a business cycle, a behavior pattern, a name, an illness or disease, an address or foods, chemicals, minerals, colors or cravings, they all have one thing in common; they symbolize the interrelationships of the energies and events that affect our lives. Numbers and letters represent the codes of creation (numerology). Quantum Numbers views these codes as being generated by conscious intention (quantum physics).


Quantum Numbers identify and interpret the mathematical formulas that represent these choices, including each Soul’s selected life challenges and soulutions (reincarnation). The letters of a name determine emotional and psychological characteristics, behavior patterns and the timing of life events (for businesses and people). Birth data (m/d/y of birth) identifies the consequences of choices including their challenges and soulutions.


Quantum Numbers can answer the questions: When will my business get better? Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Why aren’t things working? When would be the best time to ____? How do I change ____? Why aren’t my relationships satisfying? Quantum Numbers can also identify the underlying cause(s) of any illness, disease, or injury.


Every Thing in the Universe vibrates at a specific frequency and can be measured mathematically. Mathematics is composed of specific combinations of letters and numbers, as is our Universe. This is what Quantum Numbers is all about, understanding, measuring, and interpreting combinations of energies as they interact with our realities.


In between lifetimes the Soul returns to its source energy. After analyzing its most recent experiences and adventures, it determines the events of its next adventure. It accomplishes this by selecting specific letters and numbers for its name and month, day, and year of birth. (By omitting particular letters or numbers, the Soul creates challenges to resolve.) To initiate this plan, the Soul selects a set of parents and whispers into their ears the name it needs to activate its third dimensional life energies. (There is a formula for identifying why you chose your birth family.)


Our first name represents the physical Self, e.g., our health, finances, professional relationships, and how we behave everyday, especially at work. Working consciously with this energy can open the doorway to your Soul’s purpose for being here (the vowel total). The middle name represents our emotional Self, how we behave in relationships and what we seek in a partner. (If one does not have a middle name, they are here to work on balancing their emotions. The last name represents our relationship with our birth or adopted family. Our month, day, and year of birth identifies our destiny, life challenges, mental approach, and the timing of physical events during the phases of our life.


The sum of the vowels in our birth name represents our Soul’s purpose for being here, validation of the contract we signed with GOD*. The sum of the consonants in our birth name represents our personality’s physical, emotional, and mental aspects. The total of all of the letters in a name represents “the face the world sees” and the type of work preferred.


By adding the sum total of a name to the sum total of the month/day/year of birth, the life calling can be identified. Working with this energy allows one to make a quantum leap in evolvement and fulfill childhood dreams.


Quantum Numbers is not only a tool that can help you identify your life patterns, it also identifies your life challenges and their soulutions.



Some Examples Of The Numerological Interpretation Of Letters And Numbers:


If you were born in February or November, there is a 90% probability that your father was not around as you were growing up. He may have worked 80 hours a week or been a shift-worker (policeman or fireman), in the military, a traveling salesman, or may have been physically but not emotionally present.


If you were born in November you are a charter member of the “whip of the month club.” That is, you have such high expectations for your Self that you mentally or emotionally whip yourself constantly and therefore need a new whip each month. Actually, you are caught between two worlds, the world of the way it is and the world of the way it ought to be...according to you.


If your month, day, and year of birth reduce to a 19, it indicates that there was some emotional or physical pain and suffering the first twenty years of your life. This was to teach you empathy and compassion. You are destined for leadership and need to understand the pain and suffering of those you will lead. When everything goes your way, you can be a Saint. If they don't go your way, you can become merciless.


If your month and day of birth reduce to an 8, there could be health issues involving the pelvic area - especially if you are a woman.


If your month and day of birth reduces to a 4, you may grind your teeth or have issues with constipation.


If S is the first letter of your first name, you are seldom satisfied and always want to improve things.


If M is the first letter of your first name you are an excellent manipulator. This is not a judgment but a statement.


If E is the first letter of your first name and you are a woman, whether you wear a bag on your head or dress in a potato sack, the opposite sex will always be attracted to you. (Ellen, Elaine, Elizabeth)


If you are a man and E is the first letter of your first name, you enjoy pursuing the opposite sex. (Edward, Eric, Eugene)


If you are a woman and E is the first vowel but not the first letter (Sherry, Rebekah, Helen) it indicates that before you allow physical intimacy, your partner will have to perform the 12 feats of Hercules to prove they are worthy of being with a goddess and that it is not just a one night stand. However, you can be susceptible to flattery . . . be discerning.


If the last letter of a name is “a,” it indicates that one of your lessons is to learn to trust your intuition; otherwise there will be frustration and disappointment in your life.


If “u” is the first vowel of a name it can indicate underlying or unexpressed frustration.


A “B K or T” as the first letter of a name it can indicate oversensitivity.


A “H Q or Z” as the first letter of a name it can indicate a short fuse.


If the first vowel/consonant combinations of your first name reduce to a 4/2, you could have cold fingers and toes. It also indicates that your parents probably had a very strong belief system (whether they were hippies or religious fundamentalists.


If the first vowel/consonant combinations of your first name reduce to a 9/2 you bend over backwards to please everyone, until you reach your saturation point.


If the first vowel/consonant combinations of your first name reduce to a 6/4 you could be a perfectionist that wants everything done their way.




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Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill