Brief Intro Cosmic Numerology

A Brief Intro Cosmic Numerology


Everything in the Universe vibrates and has a specific frequency. These frequencies can be measured using numbers and letters. The frequency we call “our life,” can be analyzed and interpreted by studying the energetic relationships of the letters and numbers in our names.



Cosmic Numerology is a melding of basic mathematics, the sciences of numerology (Pathagorean) and quantum dynamics along with the  concepts of Gematria and reincarnation.


  • Classical numerology looks at the patterns formed by letters and numbers and connects the "dots" of your life.
  • Quantum Dynamics creates potentials.
  • Gematria converts the energy of words into numeric qualities.
  • Reincarnation (or if you prefer, reconstitution) is generated by conscious choices.


Cosmic Numerology is the study of the patterns associated with the numbers and letters that make up our realities. Whether it’s a business cycle, a behavior pattern, a name, an illness or disease, an address, foods, chemicals, minerals, colors or cravings, they all have one thing in common; they symbolize the interrelationships of the energies and events that affect our lives. Numbers and letters represent the codes of creation (numerology). Cosmic Numerology views these codes as being generated by conscious intention. For example, the letters of names and the numbers of birthdays are mathematically predetermined with variations. Our life choices will determine whether we chose  to live a reactive life or a proactive life


Cosmic Numerology identifies and interprets the mathematical formulas and letters that represent these choices, including selected life challenges and their soulutions . The letters of a name determine specific emotional and psychological characteristics that directly influence our behavior patterns at work, in relationships, and with family. The letters also determine the timing of life events along with their potential outcomes. Birth data (m/d/y) helps identify the activators of specific life challenges and their soulutions. The month, day, and year of birth  are also used to decode mental attitudes and maximize opportunities when they appear.


Cosmic Numerology can answer the questions:


Who am I?      Why am I here?        What am I supposed to do?     When will "it" happen?       Why aren’t things working?


When would be the best time to ____?       How do I change ____?       Why aren’t my relationships satisfying?


WHen will my _____ get better?      WHat do I need to do to get over the hump?


Cosmic Numerology can also identify the underlying behavioral cause(s) of conflicts or health issues .



 We have guaranteed ourselves a successful life! No one came here to live a life of pain unless that was their original plan.



Following is a very brief description of some of the positive and negative characteristics of the numbers 1 – 9 along with words that represent the energy of each number.



1 Issues Dealing With Self



Self-directed, leader, paradigm buster, innovator, assertive, energetic, balanced, follows internal guidance, confident, centered



Passive, aggressive, indecisive, low self-esteem, egocentric, fearful, a zealot, a bully, arrogant, timid

Words with a 1 total

Sound, sweets, discipline, emotion, chaos, being, children, do, dust


Words with a 1 total: 

Sound 19/1, sweets 19/1, discipline 55/1, emotion 37/1, chaos 19/1, being 28/1, children 37/1, do 10/1, dust 10/1



2 Issues Involving Communications or Interactions with Others



Sensitive, intuitive, cooperative, a mediator/arbitrator, friendly, communicates in timely fashion, detail oriented, tactful, loyal, diplomatic



Shy, overly sentimental, timid, careless about “things,” codependent, does not/can not speak up for self, self-centered, brusque, sensitivity issues (to much/to little)


Words with a 2 total:

Numbers 29/11/2, Time 20/2, light 29/11/2, vibration 47/11/2, energy 38/11/2, healing 38/11/2, prayer 38/11/2, emotions 38/11/2, friend 38/11/2, luck 11/2, electron 38/11/2, patience 38/11/2, devastated 29/11/2



3  Issues Involving Self-Expression, Feelings of Adequacy, Social Interactions



Joyful, witty, artistic, charismatic, charming, creative, intelligent, optimistic, romantic, communicator, extrovert, visionary, manifestor



Moody/emotional, non-forgiving, scattered, introverted, exaggerates, vain, feelings of inferiority or inadequacy, leaves things unfinished, doesn’t know when to stop talking, exaggerates, does not/can not communicate 


Words with a 3 total:

Fear 21/3, lost 12/3, belief 30/3, evil 21/3, illusion 39/3



4  Issues Involving Control, Work, Completion, or Procrastination



Organized, a builder, systematic, logical, dependable, practical, manager, ability to totally focus on a task, a logician



Prejudicial, a reactionary, a procrastinator, unimaginative, gets lost in minutiae, stubborn, goes by their “book”, confrontational, stubborn


Words with a 4 total:

Soul 13/4, feeling 40/4, awakening 40/4, food 22/4, pain 22/4, water 22/4, victim 31/4, atom 13/4



5  Issues Involving Change, Movement or Flexibility



Flexible, freedom loving, physical, enjoys life, loves innovation and change, curious, can be moderate



Rigid, impulsive, self-indulgent, inconsistent, promiscuous, physical excesses, too yielding to others


Words with a 5 total:

Feelings 41/5, challenges 41/5, surrender 50/5, life 23/5, married 41/5, joy, formula 32/5, catatonic 32/5, mine 23/5, frequency 50/5, molecule 32/5, atoms 14/5



6  Issues Involving Family, Community, or Relationships



Responsible, advisor/counselor, protector, humanitarian, service oriented, domestic, compassionate, helpful



Perfectionist, martyr, nosey, overly protective, difficulty making commitments, co-dependent, irresponsible, doesn’t want obligations-commitments-relationships or responsibilities


Words with a 6 total: 

Self 15/6, AIDS 15/6, berserk 33/6, quarks 24/6, dreams 24/6



7  Issues Involving Trust, Skepticism, Control, or Abandonment



Trusting, spiritual, analytical, psychic, introspective, empathetic, objective, open and vulnerable, a seeker of knowledge, fearless, patient



Controlling, fearful, non-trusting, impatient, a need to be needed, a need to be appreciated, emotionally closed, emotional or physical paralysis as a result of being overly analytical, totally disconnected emotionally, a zealot, a martyr, messianic feelings


Words with a 7 total:

Miracle, believe, heart, bliss, mattress, hate, depression



8  Issues Involving Power, Money, Personal Status, or Control



Initiates – delegates – orchestrates, logical, likes to be in charge, a leader, makes it happen… good at politics or business and commerce or leading institutions or organizations



Easily frustrated, angry, extravagant/cheap, dictatorial, stubborn, materialistic, demands recognition, a bully, fearful of using personal power, can be disloyal if they feel slighted or ignored.


Words with a 8 total:

Movement 35/8, Creator 35/8, Epilepsy 35/8, God 17/8, Faith 26/8, cancer 26/8, karma 17/8, prosperity 62/8, Spiritual 44/8



9  Issues Involving The Higher–Self, Long Distance Travel, Endings



Selfless, loves unconditionally, compassionate, a natural actor, loves long distance travel, comfortable with all strata’s of society, healer



Egotistical; needs recognition, appreciation, and thanks for their “good deeds”; difficulty letting go; can be fearful of showing emotions…can be emotionally isolated or codependent…can be an “emotional pin cushion”, needs to maintain emotional control


Words with a 9 total:

Love 18/9,  Expression 54/9, Divine 36/9, Source 27/9, I 9, me 9, ego 18/9, worry 36/9, service 36/9, illness 27/9, chemical 36/9,



0  Issues Involving Your Higher–Self and Receiving Spiritual Assistance



To listen to the whisperings of your Higher Self, or Spirit, is to hear your truth. 



To ignore the whisperings of your Higher Self or Spirit, is to court frustration and disappointment. 



The Relationship Between Numbers and Illnesses and Diseases


For a detailed explanation of the relationship between behavior patterns and specific health issues, refer to my book "Numerology for Healing."


Alzheimer’s 53/8 Disease 26/8       =  79/16/7

Anorexia (42/6)  Nervosa (31/4)     =  73/1

Appendicitis                                    =  62/8

Arthritis                                           =  50/5

Asthma                                           =  17/8

Back pain                                        =  30/3

Back problems                                =  45/9

Bulimia 31/4 Nervosa                      =  62/8 

Cold                                                =  16/7

Colitis                                              =  33/6

Cancer                                            =  26/8

Brain (26/8) Cancer                        =  52/7

Breast (20/2) Cancer                      =  46/1

Colon (23/3) Cancer                       =  49/13/4

Liver (30/3) Cancer                        =  56/11/2

Lung (18/9) Cancer                        =  44/8 

Melanoma                                       =  34/7

Prostate (33/6) Cancer                   =  59/5

Throat (28/1) Cancer                      =  54/9

Depression                                     =  52/7

Diabetes                                         =  29/11/2

Flu                                                  =  12/3

Fibromyalgia                                   = 64/1

Gout                                               =  18/9

Hepatitis                                         =  44/8

Herpes Simplex I                            =  35/8

Herpes Simplex II                            =  36/9

Infection                                          =  50/5





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Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill