Behavior Patterns Are Catalysts

for Illness

How Behavior Patterns Are Catalysts for Illness, Disease and Injuries 

Some of you may have read my articles on the relationship between abandonment issues and illness in the November and December issues. I would like to continue discussing the subject over the next several issues with examples of how specific illnesses, diseases, or physical injuries are manifested. (If you missed the articles, I will explain at the end of this article how to receive a free copy.)


As a numerologist, I use quantum numbers to identify patterns. The patterns of specific illnesses, diseases, and physical injuries are established by how well we deal with our daily challenges and how closely we follow our Soul’s plan for this lifetime. There is a direct cause and effect relationship between illness, disease, and physical injuries and how an individual chooses to resolve their life challenges. The biggest challenge we all face is the need to overcome our abandonment issues and to stop doing things to be loved or to maintain control and to start doing what we love.


A fear of abandonment leads to archetypical behavior patterns in humans. At one end of the behavior spectrum is codependency at the other end of the spectrum is the need for total control of one’s environment. These patterns are the catalysts for our illnesses, diseases, and physical injuries.


Most of us slide along the spectrum between these extremes, like water sloshing back and forth in a tube; we have some codependency issues and some control issues. Occasionally, we hit the sweet spot of doing what we love. This is the “spot’ we want to live in; so how do we move there? To get there, there are two things we need to do. First, we hire trainers to push our buttons; I call them employees. We pay them time and a half on weekends and triple time when their family. If you feel you feel they are ganging up on you, you are at a company picnic. These employees can embarrass us, belittle us, humiliate us, make us angry or frustrated, lie or betray us, even abandon us. You can easily recognize their appearance because your blood pressure immediately rises. At this point go to your head and mentally take a step to the side. This allows you to step out of the line of fire and view the situation objectively rather than reactively. Once you recognize that you have asked this individual to push your buttons, you can smile and change the energy from doing to be loved or to maintain control and start doing what you love.


The second action requires you to acknowledge that you are unique in this universe. There is nothing with your exact DNA or molecular structure. Therefore, whatever you are doing from making breakfast to performing brain surgery if you are doing the best you can each moment of that activity you are automatically the best in the universe at what you are doing. (Often, this is when your employees appear .)


Our goal is to recognize our issues through our life challenges. Once we recognize our patterns, we can alter them. Our Souls did not choose to come to Earth to experience pain and suffering; they chose to come here as co-creators. Feelings associated with abandonment block our memories of being Divine.




A simple technique you can use to recognize your reactive behavior patterns is to track your behavior choices using the 1, 2, 3 method. On a small piece of paper, not bigger than a sticky note, write the numbers 1 - 2 - 3 down the left-hand margin. Next to number 1, write DL (Did to Be Loved.) Next to number 2, write DC (Did to Control.) Next to number 3, write LD (Loved Doing It.)


Each time you interact with someone over a three day period, pull out the paper and put a "tick mark" next to one of the numbers  based on your interactive behavior pattern. At the end of the three days, tally up the tick marks and you will visually see your behavior patterns.         You cannot change a pattern, until you recognize it as a pattern.




Following are some brief descriptions of challenging health situations and their soulutions.


CHALLENGE : Allergies 43/7 Soulution: Let go of fear, be present, accept your Self.

Deals with feelings of confidence (3), control (4) and vulnerability (7). Feelings or emotions that we can’t/don’t/won’t communicate, find their way to the surface via the weakest link in the physical body.


CHALLENGE: Arthritis 50/5 Soulution: Learn to honor your Self and say no.

A disease of flexibility and movement (5) and interactions with the world (5). We all do things we don’t want to do, but do anyway to avoid being abandoned by others. The longer we do to be loved (rigidity) and not what we love (flexibility), the greater the probability of manifesting a state of self-imposed immobilization. Arthritis is a subconscious response to an inability to say “No!” a hypersensitivity to do for others, and feelings of guilt if there is resentment for having to do it. Not wanting to offend others (or be abandoned) by refusing requests, an excuse is sought and found. “I’d love to help, but my arthritis is acting up.”


Arthritic (52/7) Fingers (42/6) = 94/13/4

The numbers for Arthritic indicate someone that is overly sensitive (2) and impulsively (5) commits themselves to be of service to others (7). They do this not from love, but to be loved and not abandoned. The arthritis gives them an excuse to say no, without having to actually say, ”No!”


Arthritic fingers (13/4) are the body’s reaction to an inability to “let go” and transition. It is a form of self-paralysis, hands and feet frozen on the ladder rungs of life. Feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem (13) make one fearful of reaching out – for anything. The 9 of the 94, shows a need to be loved, thanked, recognized, or appreciated for their “good” deeds. The 4 is about maintaining control


Arthritic Joints (24/6) 76/13/4

Anxious (7) about the welfare of others (6), these individuals give up their life (13 failure to transition or “let go”) and seek control by taking on unwanted responsibilities (6). There is a stubbornness (4) present.


Rheumatoid (51/6) Arthritis (50) = 101/2

This is another example of placing others (2) before self (1) to achieve acceptance. There is also a tendency to ignore the “callings” of the higher Self (0). This is a pattern of “doing to be loved instead of doing what they love.” The 5 indicates rigidity.


Back (8) Problems (37/1) = 45/9

Back problems are caused by being rigid (5) and controlling (4) and taking on but not releasing the woe of others. A need to be loved (9) is also an underlying cause. The word problems is a 37/1 and indicates that problems are caused by a need for control (7) due to feelings of inadequacy (3) and a bit of a messianic personality (7). All of this combines to create situations where one becomes an emotional pincushion (9) for others. The Soulution is to learn to do what you love (1) and stop doing to be loved (8) . . . . 1 + 8 = 9 = Let go. Stop carrying everyone on your back.


CHALLENGE: Bowels 22/4 Do it! Stop waiting for pre-approval.

Involves foundation issues (4) and cooperation, communication, and balance when interacting with others (22).


Bowel Problems (58/13/4) represent difficulty or an inability to “let go” and move on.

Foundation issues (22) and a need for pre-approval before making any transitions or letting go (13). A tendency to hold on (4). The 8 deals with power and 5 involves flexibility; This is an individual that tries to hold on to their territory when an external power threatens them (8).


Irritable (49/13/4) Bowel (21/3) Syndrome (41/5) = 111/3

The 111 represents “I, me, myself”. There could be an unforgiving attitude towards Self or others (3), e.g., sarcasm, holding on to emotions (9), an inability to “let go” and move forward (13). 



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