Are You Flappin’ Your Lips Or Walkin’ Your Talk? 

We made it! We’ve arrived at the final season of the year . . . the Holiday Season, the season of optimism, joy, creativity, emotional intimacy, and thankful-giving and thankful-receiving.


What are we thankful for? First, that we’ve made it this far by learning to surrender and second that the Universe has patiently waited for us to decide to trust it.


The past 5 years have probably been both the longest and shortest five years of your life. At first nothing seemed to be happening then all of a sudden it was rushing past you. The past two years have been incredibly intense, full of life altering decisions that had to be made without knowing the outcomes, alternatives, or consequences of our choices.


In 2003 many of us woke up one morning and realized “this is not the life we’re supposed to be living.” We began to reassess our lives and make life altering changes. We might have awakened next to our partner and by lunchtime terminated the relationship. We may have had to end something simply because we felt it was time. The last two years, 2004 – 2005, have been about learning to trust that “allowing it to happen” always brings a better outcome than “trying to make it happen.”


In 2004 and 2005 we had to overcome our fear that the Universe wouldn’t be there to support us and therefore we had to make it happen instead of allowing it to happen. When we finally realized that we couldn’t make it on our own and ask Spirit for help, Spirit agreed to help but with a stipulation: We had to surrender to the “will’ of the Universe. We had to deal with our abandonment issues by trusting that what has happened, is happening, or will happen in this lifetime is part of a movie that we casted, co-wrote, co-produced, and co-direct.


2005 has been a year of “spiritual-tests.” Numerologically, it is a 7 universal year; a year that calls for universal patience, trust, introspection and a conscious decision to surrender to the will of Spirit. The main reason things have been so intense this year is that the Universe wants to see if we have sold our “sole-proprietorship” and entered into a cosmic partnership, or are we just flappin’ our lips about “Thy will is my will.” Here are some examples of tests of faith: a serious illness (you or another), slow drivers or heavy traffic when we are already running late; external pressure to make an immediate decision; feeling frustrated if it’s not going the way “we want it to;” having a project rejected, miscommunications causing misinterpretations, unexpected changes in personal or business relationships, financial anxieties, being told (your life’s dream, a job, a relationship) “just won’t/can’t work.”


November is a 9 universal month. This is a time for releasing old emotional patterns and thanking your spiritual trainers for assisting you with this process ( ARTICLES, “Abandonment issues….”)


December is not only the last month of the year it is also a 1 universal month. It is a transition month to 2006 that urges us to step into our personal power, to make ourselves our first priority, to release any fears or anxieties that revolve around our abandonment issues, and to organize and orchestrate our lives. 2006 is a universal 8 year.



A positive universal 8 year can bring recognition, promotions, financial gain, robust health, business opportunities to use your knowledge and wisdom to organize, orchestrate, and delegate tasks. A negative universal 8 year can bring disease, strife, frustration, economic setbacks, legal challenges, and stir up karmic energies. If you work in partnership with Spirit it will be a year of positive experiences. If you try to do it alone, it will be a year of negative experiences.


What helps determine whether 2006 will be a positive or negative year is the spiritual phrase you are experiencing. Which phase of spiritual evolution/surrender are you in? Phase 1, you do unto others. Phase 2, others do unto you. Phase 3 you have the option of retaliating against those that you interacted with in Phase 2, in which case you return to Phase 1 (a karmic loop). Or you can choose to come from love and acceptance, in which case you move to Phase 4. In Phase 4 we discover that WE have been our torturer; that we have sabotaged our lives, relationships, and careers not some outside force. In Phase 4 we come to understand our “shadow” Self and incorporate it with our “light” Self. This allows both the soul and ego to integrate with your divine essence. At this point, your pre-selected life challenges and karma (unfinished business) dissolve; you become aware of your life mission and fulfill it by establishing a full-time working partnership with Spirit in 2006.


The choice is yours, for there to be peace on Earth and goodwill toward/from others you must walk your talk and surrender to the will of the Universe. You must stop trying to make it happen and allow it to happen.



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Cosmic Numerology

By: Michael Brill