When Our Prayers Are Answered

When Our Prayers Are Answered . . . .


When prayers are answered, we sometimes get more than we asked for but less than we expected. It becomes a test of faith. I prayed for a life partner and was given a vision of a dark haired oriental woman standing atop a pyramid. Halfway down the face of the pyramid was a flat landing. I stood at the base, looking up. Later, I had another vision in which the woman’s face swooped down from the top of the pyramid, flew within inches of my face and looked directly into my eyes. She’s close, I thought. Duuuuh!


Back in October, I did a reading for a woman from Thailand. She told me her sister would soon be passing through the area and would I talk with her. I said sure. The following Tuesday I met her sister at a local restaurant. Her daughter and her daughter’s finance were with her. I introduced myself and asked if I may join them. I told them a mutual friend thought I might be able to help them using Cosmic Numerology. With their permission, I gave each of them a mini-reading. After the readings, they invited me to join them for dinner. After dinner the mother asked me if there was a place we could talk privately. I told her I lived a few minutes away and asked if she would she feel comfortable going to my home; she said yes.


At my home we talked for about 45 minutes. As she talked I couldn’t help staring at her, she looked so familiar. After awhile the talk became social, I talked about Cosmic Numerology and my day job as a special education teacher. She talked about her homeland, her business, and her life. And then she said, “I’ve seen you in my head for 15 years. I’ve seen the way you look and how you walk. I’ve even heard your voice.” It’s her! Oh my god, it’s her! My vision has manifested! I closed my eyes and saw myself halfway up the pyramid.


She said she was planning on returning to San Francisco and then going home to Thailand. Due to her family commitments, we were only able to spend a few hours’ together over two weeks. But each of those hours became a lifetime to be shared. We spent Saturday in the high desert and explored some canyons and magical places. I took her to one of my favorite vortexes. As we sat next to each on a flat rock and talked about possibilities and potentials, we watched a red tailed hawk circle above us. In that moment, as we looked at each other, we knew . . . we were twin flames. What are the odds that a boy from Baltimore, Maryland would meet a girl born halfway around the world in the mountains of Thailand? One in a gazillion!! What are the odds they would meet in northern New Mexico in a Thai restaurant that had only been open for six months? A billion-gazillion to one!!!!


I’m at the top of the pyramid! I’m with my twin flame! I’m ecstatic! I’m in love! Whoa. Wait a minute. I forgot, she’s returning to Thailand and doesn’t know when or if she’ll return. What is going on!!? What is this? Why put us together if we can’t be together!? I was a little agitated with the people upstairs. Actually, I was really angry and felt betrayed.


After a few days of wallowing in my emotions and being angry at the Universe, I began to get clarity. She and I are destined to be together, just not at this moment. With that revelation I was also given a vision. I saw us sitting on a bench at a bus stop. While we waited for the bus, we held hands and talked and laughed and kissed. When the bus arrived, we got on, sat down, and were driven to our new life and its many adventures. This vision brought me great happiness and joy. I knew that if I was patient and trusted the divine wisdom of Spirit, we would be with each other within two years.


We talk two or three times a week on the telephone and visit each other on the astral plane. There’s a 14-hour time difference between New Mexico and Thailand. I mention this because as a numerologist, I see the 14 reduced to a 5. Time is saying, “Stay in the moment. Let go of control. Be flexible.” As I awaken, she goes to sleep. As she awakens, I go to sleep. We are the Sun and the Moon, mirrors reflecting each other.


Sweetheart, I want the world to know . . . I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, I’ll see you in my dreams . . . .


I started the article by saying that sometimes when our prayers are answered we get more than we want but less than we expected. I expected that when I met my twin-flame we’d be together physically as life partners, not that I would meet her and then have to wait two years before we could be together. What I got were lessons in patience, trust, faith, and unconditional love . . . more than I wanted but exactly what I needed to continue evolving.


By the way, last week I received a message that my work in this area was finished and it was time to move on. I’ll be moving to Santa Fe this summer and will need at least a year to establish myself. Could it be that Spirit knows more than we do?



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By: Michael Brill