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Have the first 6 months of this year been the most intense 6 months of your life? Was the first quarter so intense you couldn’t catch your breath? Are you in the midst of trying to decide on a course of action concerning your relationships, career, health, finances, real estate, or some other personal area? I’m willing to bet that the answer to all of the above questions is . . . YES!


What is happening planet-wide is a continuation from last year when we realized that the life we were leading was not the life we had envisioned and decided to reinvent ourselves. If we truly worked on ourselves, the last quarter of 2003 saw an improvement in our lives. If we didn’t do “the personal work,” the last quarter brought a flu like illness or other upper respiratory or sinus problems.


The global pattern for 2004 is making life changing decisions without knowing what the outcome will be. There is no “Plan B” this year. Our faith is being tested. For the first time in our lives we can not predict or imagine the outcome of a decision. We need to trust what feels right . . . whether that feeling of rightness comes from your gut or your heart it is your soul speaking to you. Listen and obey your higher Self; it will guide you to the next level of enlightenment. It already knows that the outcome will be positive.


If the decision is “head” based we will intellectualize, rationalize, or justify what we are about to do. Head based decisions are fear based decisions. A fear based decision will not bring us happiness; it will bring us frustration and disappointment.


If you want some help in making this decision, you may want to the Exercise on my website “How To Make The Right Decision.”


If you are making “head based” decisions it is because you have not integrated your soul and ego with your essence. In this case ego is not psychological but physical. Its main responsibility is to be a repository for the soul and assist it in completing its third dimensional mission. The ego generates our feelings and emotions and gives movement to the physical body.


More often than not, the soul ignores the ego. It feels its divineness and wants to reconnect with Source. It believes that the ego holds it back and therefore tries to ignore ego based feelings and emotions. This attitude drives a wedge between the ego and the soul. I can best explain this by drawing you a picture. We’ve all seen the cartoon where a dog is enticed to chase another animal and just as it is about to catch it, the dog reaches the end of its leash and is suddenly jerked backwards. The same situation applies to us. We commit ourselves to the spiritual path and pursue it with determination and single minded focus. Everything seems to fall into place when all of a sudden, we are jerked backward. Stunned at the sudden change we question Spirit about why this happened. We are confused, even angry; haven’t we been doing everything required of us? Yes we have, but we neglected an important aspect of our Self . . . our ego. It was the ego that jerked on the chain to remind the soul that this is a partnership and that the ego will no longer be ignored.


How do we get our soul and ego to work together? Try this exercise: find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by others or by the sounds of electrical devices. Sit down and close your eyes. Slowly inhale through your nose for the count of 5. Hold this breath for a count of 5 then slowly exhale through your lips for the count of 5. Repeat this 3 times. When you feel relaxed, visualize being inside your head. As a third party, acknowledge the presence of the ego and then recognize the presence of the soul. Speaking to both at the same time, invite them to join in a dialog about their relationship. Mentally project them out of your head and into a space where they can sit across from each other. Now direct them to speak with each other and reach a solution that will allow them to work as a team. While they are doing this, you watch as a third party. Once they reach a solution, thank them for their hard work and invite both back into your mental space where the three of you meld into a single entity. This new Self will have the courage to make decisions that will enable it to evolve to its highest potential.



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