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This is the last article in the series “There Is Only Plan A.”   The final phase of the creation process is partnership (numerically a 63/9.) Every partnership contains the potential for new creations (potential – creation – harmony – unity – partnership – potential.)  Potential coalesces to creation; creation is shaped by harmony; harmony evolves to unity. Unity extends itself into partnerships. Partnerships carry the potential for new creations.


Partner is a 2, involvement with others, timely communication, compromise, and friendship.  Moving outward from the hub of Unity partnerships of unlimited combinations begin forming; some with a positive charge, some with a negative charge. “Ship” is a 7. The 7 calls for trust, faith, letting go of agendas in favor of preferences; a ship can also take us somewhere if we choose to go along for the adventure. The total of 2 and 7 is 9, selflessness and unconditional acceptance.


Partnership is all about potential. You have a friend that arranges a blind date. You connect and decide if you want to pursue this opportunity. There our reciprocal phone calls. A date is made. A physical meeting takes place. A decision is made whether or not to see each other again. If you decide to meet a relationship begins. The two of you decide there is harmony. After several meetings, unity evolves. From this a mutual decision to form a partnership is made. All of these actions have the potential to move forward or cease to exist.


The numeric total of partnership is 63 (6 + 3 = 9) written as 63/9. The positive 3 calls for emotional intimacy – speaking the truth from your heart – for the partnership is to be successful. The positive 6 is compassionate, caring, and a nurturer. The positive 9 has the courage to follow their heart and to do what they love; in relationships it implies that you have no stones in your heart. The negative 3 has feelings of inadequacy and can be either fearful of speaking up or sarcastic as well as moody, temperamental, vain, and unforgiving. The negative 6 can be smothering or irresponsible, or a martyr. The negative 6 may also judge people based on unrealistic expectations, of themselves and/or others. The negative aspects of a number indicate reactive behavior patterns while the positive aspects represent conscious choices.


In numerology the presence of the numbers 2 and 6 (personal days, weeks, months, and years) represent opportunities for the initiation of a successful relationship or the termination of a dying relationship. When we think of partnership, most of us think in terms of earthly relationships (people, pets, plants, even the environment.) I believe there are three basic types of partnerships – the first should be with our Self, the second with Spirit, and the third with another.


A partnership with Self involves our essence and our celestial and physical selves melding into wholeness. If those aspects of our Self are not in harmony, we cannot feel a unity with the universe and see ourselves as co-creators. A sense of cosmic abandonment inhibits us from being in harmony with our true self which leads to making more reactive decisions than conscious decisions. As long as we continue making reactive decisions we will never be able to form harmonious partnerships with our self, with Spirit, at work, in relationships, within our families, or those involving businesses or governments. Because of our feelings of abandonment, we form partnerships based on the need to either be loved or to maintain control.  (See Our Abandonment Issues Are the Catalysts for….at, ARTICLES.) This is not the basis of a partnership. Partnership is based on trust, mutual support, similar beliefs, loyalty, timely communication, and above all harmony. Partnership is not about love but about blending energies to accomplish more together.


To form a partnership with your Self (6), marry yourself. Consciously blend your ego/physical self (earthly self) with your soul (celestial self). Return to your original state of Yin and Yang. This is a ceremony that can be performed on the next new moon. Give yourself a crystal, a piece of jewelry or wood, a trinket, or any small item that would be a treasured gift. You can use the words of the marriage ceremony or make your own vows. Whatever words you choose to perform the marriage, include the words “I will love, honor, respect, and cherish my essence. I will become my life calling (your destiny added to your expression.) I am a co-creator. I am all that ever was, is, or will be. I have chosen to incarnate in human form so that I may learn to remember that I was not abandoned here, but volunteered to come as an emissary of love. The following exercise may help you to form a partnership between your Essence and your celestial and earthly aspects.


Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by others or by the sounds of electrical devices. Sit down and close your eyes. Slowly inhale through your nose for a count of five. Hold this breath for a count of five and then slowly exhale through your lips for a count of five. Repeat this three times. When you feel relaxed, visualize being inside your body.


As a third party (your essence), acknowledge the presence of the ego and then recognizes the presence of the soul. Mentally project them out of your head into a space where they can sit across from each other. Speaking to both at the same time, invite them to join you in a dialog about their relationship. Ask the ego to explain its reasons for sabotaging the soul whenever it tries to soar, or ask if it feels the soul gives it enough respect. Ask the ego about its abandonment issues, and if there is anything else it wants to discuss. Thank the ego for expressing its feelings. Then ask the soul why it doesn’t give the ego more respect. Ask the soul what could be more important than working in partnership with its physical aspect which helps ground it to the planet. Thank the soul. Thank them both for agreeing to form a conscious partnership.


Now direct them to speak with each other and reach a solution that will allow them to work as a team. While they are doing this, continue to observe as a third party. Once they reach a solution, thank them for their hard work and ask them to state what they have agreed upon. Thank them again and then invite both back into your mental space where the three of you meld into a single entity. This new self will have the courage to make decisions that will enable it to evolve to its highest potential.


You’ve heard the expression, “Many are invited, but few are chosen”; add to that “fewer still chose.” Choosing the path of self-discovery takes great courage as does forming a partnership with Spirit. We will be asked by Spirit to willingly give up what we love the most (e.g. a dream, a relationship, a possession, a job, even family) and to move on. This request is akin to a test to see if we have the faith to let go of control and to trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and that whatever we release will always be replaced by something better. The one memory we have difficulty recalling is our first; that we are an extension of Spirit and have always been in partnership. For this partnership to work, we need to be active participants. We participate by learning to allow instead of trying to control. If we surrender to the will of the universe we are not surrendering our “free will” but using it to harmonize with the unity of creation.


If we truly want a working partnership with Spirit, we must learn to have faith and develop patience. No matter how much we think we “know” we can never see the whole picture.


You cannot be in a partnership with another without first having a fulfilling relationship with your Self and Spirit. Otherwise you look for the “other” to complete you. I have been in many relationships but no true partnerships, other than with my children. I believe most of us do better with a partner than we do alone. Once I decided that I wanted a partner, I said to Spirit if the love of my love should show up in the next thirty seconds that would be fabulous and if she showed up thirty seconds before I died that too would be fabulous. In the mean time, I need to focus on the work I came here to accomplish; having said that, my life-partner showed up in two months.


My partner frequently tells me “I do not need a man to complete my life. I have everything I need . . . family, a home, capital, and a successful life. I agree with her and repeat back to her the same thing “I don’t need a woman to complete my life. I have everything also.” If this is the case why are we partners? We are partners because we have combined our strengths to forge a partnership that strengthens both of us.


To draw your ideal mate/partner into your life, practice the following technique:


Make a list of at least seven characteristics you want your partner to have.  For example:


  • I want someone that is “working" on their self.
  • I want someone that can be emotionally intimate . . . that can express their feelings and share their fears as well as their dreams.
  • I want someone that accepts me for my Self.
  • I want someone that is intellectually curious.
  • I want someone that is passionate about life and me.
  • I want someone with no children or no children living at home.
  • I want someone that is not married to their job.
  • I want someone that is doing what they love, not doing to be loved.
  • I want someone that loves to dance.
  • I want someone that is curious about life.
  • I want someone that is optimistic.


You can add to this list everyday and make it as long as you want.  You can fill 30 volumes or a 3x5 card. 


Review your list.  Put a check mark next to each item that you are proficient in or have mastered.  If you want someone that is doing what they love, ask yourself . . . are you?  If the answer is a definite ‘YES’ put a check mark next to that item.  (No “maybes” or sometimes allowed.)


If you can’t put a check mark next to a description, it indicates that this is something you need to be working on to draw that energy to you.


By becoming proficient in or mastering those characteristics we seek in our partners, we begin to radiate energy much like a lighthouse that can be seen by ships through miles of darkness.  Our ideal partners are not only “out there” they are moving toward us every day.  The clearer we become about who we are, the easier it becomes to manifest our desires.


The most important point is not to allow your head to determine your choice of partners, but to listen to your heart.  It is through the heart that the feeling Self communicates with the thinking Self.  When the Ego* and Soul* communicate with each other, they create consciousness.  Consciousness is honoring the feelings that emanate from your heart.


Our Soul is always aware of what is best for our highest good . . . it wrote the plan for this incarnation and guaranteed s “soulution” for every challenge.


Our Ego resides in our heads.  It can intellectualize, rationalize, or justify any action or decision.  The Ego’s primary issues are survival, control, vulnerability, and worthiness.  Its decisions are influenced by fears of abandonment (refer to the article on abandonment issues on my website.)


If you want strong, supportive, and intimate relationships with others, start with your Self. How?   If you feel that something is either right or wrong, honor that feeling even if it is contrary to what others are telling you to do. If you can develop the courage to do what you love instead of being loved or maintaining control, you have opened the door to successful partnerships with your Self, Spirit, and others and closed the door on your abandonment issues.






Michael is the author of Numerology for Healing and Numerology for Decoding Behavior both by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO (Destiny Imprint 2009.) He has also written a textbook Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self: Discovering the Soulutions to Your Life’s Challenges that describes his system of Cosmic Numerology. Michael is available for consultations and presentations; he can be reached via email at or on his cell phone 561.866.5479.




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By: Michael Brill