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Everything initiated by Spirit is Plan A. Everything initiated by us is Plan B. Plan B takes form when we have doubts, anxieties, and fears that Spirit is not working with us but against us. When our abandonment issues begin surfacing, we begin formulating a Plan B. (Refer to ARTICLES, Our Abandonment Issues Are . . . .)


In last month’s column, I wrote about the original Plan A . . . Creation. This month, I want to write about harmony. Numericly, the letters of harmony convert to 40. The 0 represents Spirit and the 4 symbolizes building foundations. Creation, also a 40, allows Spirit (0) to manifest its energies into physical form, 4. When we combine Harmony and Creation the cosmic plan emerges.

Without harmony there is no Creation, only disintegration and disharmony. Examples of disintegration or disharmony are: wars, tornados, droughts, floods, arguments, co-dependency, unhappy relationships, dissatisfaction with a job or relationship (family, social, professional), a hot sun and an ice cream cone, unrealistic expectations of self and/or others, a need for control, the need to have the last word, frustration, confrontation, justification, doing anything to excess, doing anything to be loved or to maintain control.


How do we achieve and maintain harmony?  We can do it by the numbers. Numbers give form and structure to our universe. Numbers can represent both proactive and reactive energies.


There are visible numbers like the numeric 40 totals of Creation and Harmony and there are invisible numbers. Separating the vowels and consonants of Harmony and adding their single digit totals provides us with the sum of 13; in this instance an invisible number. The number 13 is a karmic number and can be interpreted primarily as a reactive influence with the potential for a proactive outcome. The reactive influence has the 3 energy generating feelings of inadequacy, boastfulness, exaggeration, moodiness, poor social and communication skills, and a tendency not to complete things. The reactive one can bring lack of confidence, timidity, arrogance, passivity, aggressiveness, egocentricity, low self-esteem, fearfulness, or zealotry. When the 1 and 3 are added together, the sum is 4. The reactive 4 can be a procrastinator, a controller, prejudicial, a reactionary, gets lost in minutiae, stubborn, goes by their “book”, confrontational, dull, hides in logic, and can be hateful. These reactive influences all originate from abandonment issues. These are not energies that are conducive to harmony.

A proactive 13/4 (1 + 3 = 4 thus13/4) can become a visionary, a manifestor, joyful, optimistic (3) that is capable of initiating, leading, breaking existing paradigms (1) and create new ways of thinking and doing (4).


Earlier I asked “how do we achieve and maintain harmony.”  We can achieve harmony with Spirit’s plan for creation by first making the transition (13/4) from either doing to be loved or trying to maintain control. Both patterns are directly related to our abandonment issues and represent reactive 9 energy. Next, we must learn to allow (18/9) our Selves to be guided by what feels right in our heart (proactive 9 energy). To “allow” we must first accept responsibility for our actions, this brings Self-empowerment (8), then we must begin feeling comfortable with who we are and what we have come here to accomplish (1). This is not an easy thing to do. To do what feels right in our heart will often put us in direct conflict with the needs, wants, and desires of others, some of whom we deeply love. This is when it gets really hard.


To live in harmony with the Cosmic Plan, we must be willing to give up what we love the most. This can be a relationship, a career, family, a possession, an idea, a dream, even a twin flame. To be willing to release what we love, we must demonstrate our faith that whatever Spirit replaces it with will ultimately bring us more joy, more peace, and more trust and that surrendering to the will of the Universe brings us into harmony with the act of creation.


I say this from personal experience. By developing the courage to follow my heart and pursue my life calling, I have often had to say goodbye to people, things, and locations I passionately loved. I don’t deny that saying goodbye at times brought sorrow and pain; but each time I let go of what I was holding onto, I was able to embrace new experiences that brought even more joy and happiness.

I now know, and believe, that Spirit provides whatever I need or desire. Spirit has demonstrated this to me many times. I was tired of being a renter and moving 7 times in 10 years I asked Spirit to help me buy a home, it did. I asked Spirit to bring someone into my life that met specific requirements, it did. I asked Spirit to increase my client base, it has. All of this has come about because I have been able to let go of my wants, my fears of not being supported by the Universe, my ego’s need for recognition and validation, and the illusion of being separated from or ignored by Spirit. I now see life as a restaurant, I order what I desire and expect it to arrive. I feel and believe I am now living in harmony with Creation.


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By: Michael Brill