Overcome Your Fears & Anxiety

 by Remembering Your Divinity

Michael Brill 1997, 2012, 2015

I had a revelation this past Saturday. I experienced the materialization of my Soul into this dimension. It dropped out of space and into this time. I  was naked, I had nothing. I looked around and felt alone, isolated, disconnected and abandoned. I felt FEAR. What I had failed to consciously realize in that moment, became a memory loss that stretched through time. What I forgot was that I had chosen to come here and live this life. What I now realize is that Spirit has always been with me. That I am part of Spirit. I AM Spirit. I AM not alone I AM surrounded by and immersed in love. I AM a Creator. We, are the I AM. We, are responsible for creating everything we experience. It is all part of the script the Soul writes for itself and the Ego (the physical body along and our feelings and emotions) while in conversation with the god energy.


Each of us is a playwright. We write the script, design the costumes, build the props, and pick the actors. We are constantly auditioning actors as the roles and words change daily. Some actors are selected for a recurring role in our life long drama. Some may only appear in a scene or two while others have brief walk on parts. All of them have a single purpose . . . to recreate a memory that will enable us to remember our Divineness and shed our FEAR (Fear, Excuses, Avoidance, Repetition.)


Energy has consciousness. As it evolves into ever more complicated “life-forms”, the consciousness of each life-form becomes part of the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is the I AM. We are Energy. We are evolving. We are the I AM. We are joyful co-creators with unlimited potentials!


The first emotion many of us experience as we enter this dimension is FEAR. Fear of not knowing why we are here. The fear of abandonment that we are here alone . . . unloved, unknown and unwanted; fear that we are being punished for something we can’t remember doing; fear that we are not in control. If you were in control you certainly wouldn’t have chosen this --- being naked . . . having nothing . . . being alone .This feeling originates in what Freud calls the “Ego”, that part of the Self that believes it is aware of its surroundings and, by that connection, its reality. The other part of  the Self is the Soul. The Soul is that part of consciousness that remembers its connection with Spirit. It realizes that it is never alone, never unloved, never unknown, and never unwanted. The Soul is aware of the connection between the whole and its parts . . . between Spirit and its creations. The story of Cain and Able is the story of the Ego and the Soul.


Cain feels rejected/abandoned by God, who he perceives does not accept his offerings as readily as those of Able. Cain’s anger is based on fear; the fear that no matter what he does, he will Fail. This provides him with Excuses for Avoiding growth, thereby being caught in a Repetitive pattern. In fear, the Ego seeks control --- physical control, emotional control, mental control and spiritual control of everything in its environment. Its core belief is based on the assumption that control equals security. It believes that what it controls can not be taken away nor can it choose to abandon its controller. What Cain was unable to recognize, and Able instinctively knew, was that there is no other acceptable motive than love and joy when seeking spiritual communion.


If we are oblivious to the fact that Spirit is always with us; if we fail to recognize that all we have to do is to see the lesson before us and joyfully accept it as a gift that will help us draw closer to our Divinity, we will always be in FEAR. For example, your company is “downsizing.”   You worry that you may be on the list. If you lose your job how will you pay the rent?  How will you maintain car payments?  Will your loved ones (or your self) be able to finish their education?  What will your family/friends think about your competence?  Will you still be loved?  What did you do to deserve this?  Will my company abandon me?   Ask yourself, did I really love this job or did I do it to be loved. Was I afraid to move on?


Did you begin each day filled with joy and excitement because you knew that your work fulfilled your purpose in life; that it is a way for you to express your Divinity?  Was the job/relationship unfulfilling or frustrating?  Were you just going through the motions?  Are you fearful that no one will pay you what you are worth or love you as much as you love them?   If it truly was your “purpose” then what difference would it make where you fulfilled your Self?  Your Soul, assisted by events, is trying to communicate to the Ego that it is time to begin the next act in your life drama. Let go. If you have learned the lesson of surrender of “letting go”, you will feel the new truth in your heart. You will experience a cosmic orgasm . . . every layer of every one of your energy fields vibrates into a state of synchronicity. Goose bumps will ripple across your skin from head to toe -- a very pleasant sensation. This sensation will return each time you rediscover a cosmic truth.


If you see the ending of your job or relationship as a failure on your part, you are coming from fear. Knowing that your company has been downsizing or that your relationship is not what you want (but is better than nothing, or is it?) you rationalize an acceptable explanation to deal with this “out of your control” situation. When you come from fear. You will always see it as some one else’s fault.


If you make excuses or enter a state of denial and refuse to be in the moment and see this as an opportunity for Self growth, you are in fear.


If you avoid dealing with the reality of what is going on in your life, and see yourself as a victim with no control, you are in fear.


If you cry out “why is this happening to me again?”  You have failed to acknowledge where you are, how many times you have been there before, and what lesson you are to learn. You are locked in a repetitive pattern.


FEAR is:

  • Failure
  • Excuses
  • Avoidance
  • Repetition


To break this pattern, allow vulnerability into your life. To be vulnerable is to have FAITH.




  • Fervently loving what you do
  • Accepting that your Soul would never create a situation that it did not have sufficient grace to overcome all negative experiences.
  • Inspiring others by “following your heart” (listening to your Soul.)
  • Trusting that you and Spirit are one and you are supported in all that you do
  • Holding out an open hand to all. Seeing the humor of the universe.



Take comfort in the fact that your Soul has complete knowledge of what needs to be accomplished in each lifetime; and that it knows it is not alone, not abandoned. It knows that it is the I AM. It knows that it is completely supported by all that ever Was, Is, or Will Be. It knows of the transitory nature of all things. It knows the pure joy of Self love and God love. It knows it has never been abandoned, punished, or disconnected from the source of all joy . . . it has a conscious memory of  being an eternal part of the All That Is, Was, or Will Be.



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