There's Only Plan A...Unity

There’s Only Plan A . . . Unity

Copyright Michael Brill 2007, Revised 2015

Everything initiated by Spirit is Plan A. Everything initiated by us is Plan B. Plan B takes form when we have doubts, anxieties, and fears that Spirit is not working with us but against us. When our abandonment issues begin surfacing, we begin formulating a Plan B. (Refer to Articles “Abandonment Issues Are The Catalysts for…“)


In last month’s column, I wrote about Harmony; this month I want to talk about Unity. Numerically, the letters of “Unity” reduce to an 8. If you read last month’s column, you’ll remember that Creation and Harmony both reduce to 4. The synergy of Creation and Harmony, evolve to Unity, an 8; 8 is also the number for god. The god energy 8 generates the “stuff” of Creation (a 4). For Creation to solidify there has to be Harmony (another 4). Harmony brings “things” together. Mathematically 4 (Creation) + 4 (Harmony) = 8, a return to the god energy and Unity.


Unity bonds things together e.g., atoms, molecules, ice cream cones, religions, gangs, relationships, corporations, countries . . . the Self and the god energy. Laid on its side, 8 is the infinity symbol. Without Unity there can be no infinity; without infinity, there can be no Creation; without the potential of Creation, there is no Harmony; without Harmony, there can be no Unity.


Unity progresses toward actualization as particles of energy unite into a harmonious oneness.


Oneness, or solidarity, is based on trust i.e. combinations of energies harmonizing at the same frequency. Unity is dependent upon trust. There must be an affinity for/with the “other”. The affinity would begin in the infinity of Creation (potential…everything is something between nothing.)  The “something’s’” search for similar something’s. When a connection is made they begin to blend together. They become harmonious. Over time, this harmonious oneness of trust, comfort, and compatibility bring Unity. The many become the one. The two become one. The one becomes itself.


If trust, comfort, and compatibility cannot be established or maintained, there is no harmony and thus no Unity. (A manufacturing defect?)  Sometimes when things don’t work out, like a job or a relationship, we say there was “no chemistry.”  Without “chemistry” no bonding can take place. This applies to glue not adhering to a surface, quitting something the same day you start it, or kissing someone for the first time and instantly knowing there’s no chemistry.


When we meet someone we feel special about, if we cannot trust them or become comfortable with them within a reasonable time, there is no compatibility and no bond can be established. There’s no bond because there is no affinity for/from the other. This same theory can be applied to all partnerships:  humans, carbon dioxide, green vegetation and oxygen, photosynthesis and light; couples, ice cream and a hot sun, downpours and clogged drainage systems. Some partnerships work and some don’t.


Let me offer an example of how a something finds another something in the nothing:  Imagine the origin of a dust ball. Visualize a room whose door, walls, floor, and ceiling are painted black. There are no windows in this room, only a small slit high on the wall lets in light. You enter the room and close the door, its pitch black. After a while, sunlight filters through the slit creating a beam of light in the darkness. In this beam of light are tens of thousands of dust particles. You may wonder where they came from or realize they were always there. You turn and leave the room and close the door. You return weeks later taking a flashlight into the room. As you open the door and shine your light into the room, you see dust balls scattered around the room. You pick one up and look at it. At first glance it appears to be grey, but upon closer observation you notice small multi-colored threads woven into the dust ball.  This is an example of Unity. These “threads” could have attached themselves to any dust ball, they all chose to unify and create this specific dust ball because there was an energetic affinity.


We too are composed of many threads. Our threads can be seen in our behavior patterns. If we are anxious, stressed, impatient or otherwise in fear, our threads begin to unravel. We begin to feel disconnected from the Creation energy. We have no bonds of trust. We have no sense of belonging to the “Whole.”  We don’t feel Unity, we feel abandoned.


So, how do we get and keep a feeling of unity with the Universe?  The first thing is to make your Self your first priority. You do this by symbolically marrying your Self. You may want to say something like . . . I AM my first priority. I LOVE my Self. My physical self and soul self will work as partners as long as I am in physical form. As long as I am in physical form I will ground my Self to the planet so as to fulfill my life’s calling as a co-creator. I will have the courage and the faith to do and say what I feel is right in my heart.  (Or something of your own choosing.)

This exercise is performed during a new moon. It is said that seeds planted at this time have a stronger constitution and produce a more abundant harvest. It is also a time for new beginnings.


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If we want to live in Unity with Spirit, we must first be in Harmony with ourselves. If we can be harmonious within ourselves, we are unified as co-creators. As co-creators we work in partnership with potential and intention.  


Have the courage to do what you love.


Unity with Spirit is living a passionate life.


Follow your dreams and fulfill your life’s calling.


Blessings to All


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By: Michael Brill